Today Show: Diet Advice: How To Cut Calories & Losing Weight


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Jay Cardiello

Jay Cardiello from Shape Magazine dropped by the set to give The Today Show co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb a wide array of Diet Advice on how to Cut Calories and Lose Weight. Check out the great tips below:

Today Show: Chilling Reds vs French Red Wine

First up, drink plenty of water. Simply switching to water from fruit juices and soda can cut down over 50,000 calories a year. Drinking water also raises your metabolism for 90 minutes after you drink, making it easier to burn those extra calories.


Today Show: Cutting Calories Advice

Today Show: Cutting Calories Advice

During all of this water drinking, throw in a few lemons. It’s not just a fad at restaurants, Jay says, but the lemons slow the absorption of sugar into the body and acts as a natural cleaner.

Diet drinks? It kicks the body into wanting sugar 90 minutes after you drink them, so they’re best to avoid them entirely.


Another tip: pour half fruit juice and half water into a glass to cut down on sugar intake. You still get the tasty fruit juice, but without all of the negatives.

Kathie Lee and Hoda were happy with this next tip. You can still drink wine, just substitute chilling reds for French reds, as they have substantially more antioxidants. Also, drink water before you have alcohol, which will suppress that urge to pile on the drinks.

Today Show: Bagel Butter Diet

Jay moved on to food advice and had quite a few great pointers to cut down on calories and lose those extra pounds.

Everyone loves a good bagel in the morning, but make sure to choose whole grain bagels — and if you need butter, microwave a small amount and pour the liquid version over the bagel. This process avoids slathering the bagel with butter. Smart move!

Replace Mayo With Mustard

Next tip: switch from mayonnaise to mustard for all sandwiches, Over the long haul, it will make a world of difference in calorie intake.

Steak Fries vs Skinny Fries

For the carb lovers out there: baked potatoes are a complex carb that is worth eating, as it sustains energy. If you choose fries, go the steak fry route and avoid the skinny fries that absorb all of the grease.

Here’s an interesting tip that left me surprised and running for my stove: don’t put olive oil near a heat source, as the heat “zaps” away the health benefits in the oil.

Last but not least, enjoy chips but set them out on a serving plate. People make the mistake of reaching into the bag, aka the bottomless pit. Regression to progression, Jay says — just like a child!

What are your thoughts on all of these diet tips? Have any others to share? As always, leave your opinions in the comments section below.



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