Today Show: Bret Michaels Interview & New Years Trivia Quiz


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Bret Michaels Interview

The Today Show welcomed Bret Michaels who has starred in several VH1 reality series and is a rock star with hit records such as “Songs of Life” and “Rock my World” to the set to discuss his year back on tour and giving back through a new Readers Digest campaign. Bret took a severe hit to the head in 2009 that “rung his bell.” Now he feels healthier than ever. It changed him by increasing his faith, as he realized that thanks to great doctors, it wasn’t his time to go. The experience really changed his perspective and just hammered home other beliefs he had held since childhood. Bret, a diabetic, has to take six insulin shots a day and deals with the cards he was dealt. It just means working harder and becoming a tougher person.

The Reader’s Digest campaign came about from his love of reading the magazines while growing up. His tour has joined forces with the magazine for “We Hear You America,” which goes into cities where he puts on a show to fund worthy local projects, i.e. stopping a skate park from shutting down. The magazine funds the campaign and Bret is the voice. The campaign started a few weeks ago and over four million people have already written in wanting to be heard! As a musician and artist, Bret really appreciated people wanting to have a voice in making positive changes in today’s tough economic environment.


Today Show: Bret Michaels Interview

Today Show: Bret Michaels Interview (Photo Credit: Joe Seer /

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb turned to Bret’s personal life.  He’s engaged to the mother of his two daughters. The relationship a work in progress, Bret says, and quickly changed the subject. Sounds like a man who, while showcasing his private life on national television, sometimes enjoys privacy.

Today Show: New Years Trivia Game

The History Channel’s chief historian Libby O’Connell dropped by the set for an informative New Years Trivia Quiz. See how many of the questions you can get right!


– Which city is most popular among Americans for new years?

A)    Las Vegas

B)    New Orleans

C)    Miami

D)   New York City

Answer: Las Vegas has been the most popular locale for the past six years; New York comes in at #2.

– The beginning of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, begins in what month?

A)    September

B)    October

C)    November

D)   December

Answer: September

Denmark is 1st Country to Ring in the New Year

– What is the first country to ring in the New Year?

A)    New Zealand

B)    Philippines

C)    Australia

D)   Denmark

Answer: Denmark

Italy: Red Underwear Good Luck for New Year

– In what country do people wear red underwear as a symbol of good luck for the New Year?

A)    Spain

B)    Greece

C)    Italy

Answer: Italy

– In New York City, the ball has been dropped for New Years in every year since 1907?

True or False

Answer: False. During World War II, worries over air raids or sabotage interrupted the ball dropping for a few years.


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