Today Show: 2011 Celebrity Highlights & Men Share Secrets


Today Show: Top Ten 2011 Celebrity Highlights

The Today Show welcomed the Huffington Post’s Rob Shutter onto the set for his top-10 celebrity highlights of 2011.

Today Show Bradley Cooper

10. Bradley Cooper: he was rated the sexiest guy alive, yet thought the award should have gone to Ryan Gosling. Co-hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb think Ryan is getting the award next year.


Today Show Arnold Schwarzenegger

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger: his  secret teenage son with his family’s housekeeper made big news.

Today Show Beyonce

8. Beyonce: Rob found her to be refreshing and private by celebrity standards, as few people actually knew she was married or expecting a baby.

Today Show Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher

Today Show 2011 Celebrity Highlights

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7. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher: the age gap proved people wrong for six years but then she caught him cheating.

Today Show Michael Jackson

6. Michael Jackson trial: the proceedings kept Rob on the edge of his seat (not so much for Kathie Lee or Hoda).

Today Show Justin Bieber

5. Justin Bieber: the year saw him achieve success in his career and private life. One minor hiccup is a woman who claims she is having his child, but Justin is willing to take a DNA test and is suing the girl.

Today Show Lindsay Lohan

4. Lindsay Lohan: Rob felt that she became like white noise with never ending drama but she ended the year by appearing in a very successful issue of Playboy.

Today Show Catherine Middleton

3. Catherine Middleton: between writing a book and captivating the world with her wedding, a top-3 finish was a no brainer.

Today Show Kim Kardashian

2. Kim Kardashian: enough said.

Today Show Charlie Sheen

1. Charlie Sheen: after getting fired, he seems to be doing well (according to Rob). Charlie now has a new show in development and he seems to be taking fatherhood seriously.

Today Show: Men’s Secrets

The co-hosts welcomed a collection of men to the set, all of whom were kind enough to give the female audience some insider tips on the inner-workings of a male’s brain when it comes to dating and relationships.

The panel included TruTV’s Chuck Nice, comedian Rick Younger, author David Goode, and pop culture commentator Joe Levy. Questions were taken from female audience members.

Question: Why do men look at other women and proceed to act like they aren’t doing it? The panel agreed: instinct versus training. Men might be tricky and pick another object to use as an excuse, i.e. a sign or nice car, but they’re really focused on a lady. A few of the panel members were upfront with their significant others, professing to look at the other ladies because they’ll never see them again. Female readers: does that excuse hold any weight?

Next up: Why do men like to text instead of calling? The panel was split on this one. A few admitted to being lazy and loved the ability to control the conversation, versus sitting on the phone and saying “yeah…yeah…yeah” in between the inevitable babbling. A few of the men, however, admitted to preferring a woman’s voice and were adamant about setting up first dates with a phone call.

A few other highlights: Many men have a hard time showing affection in public. At the end of the day, that shouldn’t matter, said the panel. You realize you aren’t having sex with your friends, but rather that significant other who needs your affection in public as well. Across the board, the all-male panel supported the exchange of wish-lists for holidays. No one enjoyed a game of mind reading or detective work, although Joe Levy joked that he simply read web browsing history. Apparently, Men Share Secrets when sitting next to Kathie Lee and Hoda!




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