Stop Puffiness & Bloating: Sodium Intake & Anti-Puff Eye Roller Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Prevent Puffiness and Bloating

Kathie Lee and Hoda are going to help you get rid of two things that are a part of every woman’s life: puffiness and bloating. Whether it is that soup or sandwich that you didn’t think was healthy or you didn’t get enough sleep, there are some easy solutions to help get rid of those pains for women. The ladies were joined by Amy Synnott-D’Annibale, Beauty Director at InStyle Magazine, and Madelyn Fernstrom, Today Show‘s Diet and Nutrition Editor, who shared those tips, including watch sodium intake and Anti-Puff Eye Roller review.

Prevent Puffiness: Sleep Better and Get Better Pillows

Stop Puffiness & Bloating: Sodium Intake & Anti-Puff Eye Roller Review

Amy Synnott-D’Annibale and Madelyn Fernstrom shared tips on preventing puffiness and bloating, including watch sodium intake and Anti-Puff Eye Roller review


Amy said everyone knows it is important to get a good night’s sleep, but what is equally as important is how you sleep. For people that sleep on their stomach or their side, the fluid will just accumulate in their eyes and you are fighting a losing battle. She recommended sleeping with two pillows and they are head elevated and to use a silk pillowcase because it reduces friction which may cause any inflammation or swelling in the eye area.

Prevent Puffiness: Use Cold Soy Milk

Amy said the first thing you wake up in the morning and your face is all puffy, so the first thing you want to do is grab something cold. She said many people use cucumbers, which do nothing but provide the cold. She said frozen peas or a frozen eyemask would work just as well. She said another way is to take cold soy milk and dip some cotton in it and spread it around your eyes and use it as an eye mask. Soy is an anti-inflammatory, so in addition to the cold, it will help reduce inflammation.

Prevent Puffiness: Anti-Puff Eye Roller Review

Amy suggested a Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller for $13. She said you want something with caffeine in the morning and this is a roller ball and it will massage the fluid out of your eyes.


Prevent Bloating: Watch Sodium Intake

Madelyn said sodium sucks up water like a vacuum cleaner. She said to read labels carefully and it doesn’t have to taste salty to have a lot of salt in it. She said your worst culprits are going to be in canned soups and you should look for reduced or low sodium versions of it.

Sodium Intake: Deli Meats

Madelyn said you think they can be healthy, but they may be low in fats but high in salt. She said to ask at the deli counter or get the packaged meats that are reduced or lower in sodium.

Sodium Intake: Ketchup

Hoda said this shocked her because she pretty much drinks ketchup. Madelyn said in just three tablespoons of ketchup you have 1/3 of your daily amount of sodium. She suggested getting the no sodium ketchup.

Sodium Intake: Frozen Meals

Madelyn said we all know the frozen meals are higher in sodium, but even the lower sodium and calorie-controlled meals are good choices. It is better than the full calorie meals, but cut them out when you can.

Sodium Intake: Starches and Carbohydrates

Madelyn said for digestion, carbohydrates suck up a lot of water and proteins do not. If you want to de-bloat quickly, cut out the starchy carbs. When you reintroduce the carbs, make sure they are fiber-rich ones because that prevents constipation, which is another form of bloating.

Sodium Intake: Beer and Alcohol

Madelyn said beer, bubbles and bloat. She said cut out the beer and other alcohol will bloat you if you drink too much, so moderation as always.


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