Plastic Surgery Questions: Saggy Neck & Where You Can Get Liposuction


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Plastic Surgery Questions Answered

If you are considering any type of plastic surgery procedure, you probably have some questions on your mind. Dr. Sharon Giese, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, joined Kathie Lee and Hoda and answered your questions about cosmetic surgeries, including disappearing jaw, saggy neck and liposuction. For more, check out chin implants for men and Botox reviews from this show.

Plastic Surgery Questions: Disappearing Jaw and Saggy Neck

Dr. Sharon Giese answered your plastic surgery questions, including disappearing jaw, saggy neck and where to get liposuction.

Dr. Sharon Giese answered your plastic surgery questions, including disappearing jaw, saggy neck and where to get liposuction.


What are the best options for a disappearing jaw and saggy neck?

Dr. Giese said the jowl and the saggy neck are the biggest giveaway of any women’s age and the first thing that is going to bring a women into a plastic surgeon’s office for a face lift. She said you can take it out. There is a little teaspoon of fat in the jowl area and the saggy neck skin.

You take a couple teaspoons of fat out in that area with an internal ultrasound device that is hot, so it stimulates collagen. You take the fat out and the skin just shrinks up and no cutting. It costs about $5,000 and takes about 45 minutes.


Plastic Surgery Questions: Number Of Liposuction Procedures In A Lifetime

Is there a limit to how many liposuction procedures one might have in a lifetime?

Dr. Giese said it depends, but yes. Liposuction is the gold standard for removing fat permanently, so if you take out what you need to take out once, you are done. People say they had liposuction and then they had fat come out somewhere else. She said it wasn’t taken out the right way the first time. If you have belly fat and arm fat, but only get liposuction on your belly fat and then gain 20 pounds, that weight is going right to your arm fat, so you want to get it all out the first time and it is out permanently in one shot.

Plastic Surgery Questions: Where You Can Get Liposuction

Can you have liposuction anywhere and everywhere?

Dr. Giese said yes. She said they have two new devices on the market this year that will melt a layer of fat through the skin and you don’t have to have any surgery. One is a little bit painful and the other feels like a hot stone.



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