Picking Up After Himself, Intimacy & Video Games: Advice From Men


Kathie Lee & Hoda: The Other View

Kathie Lee Gifford, Hoda Kotb and Sara Haines are joined in the studio today to talk The Other View with Willie Geist, host of MSNBC’s Way Too Early With Willie Geist. Today they got advice from Willie on advice from men: picking up after themselves, intimacy issues, gamers and getting men to share their feelings.

The Other View: Picking Up After Himself

Willie Geist, MSNBC’s Way Too Early With Willie Geist host, shared a man's view on things like intimacy, picking up after himself & gamers.

Willie Geist, MSNBC’s Way Too Early With Willie Geist host, shared a man's view on things like intimacy, picking up after himself & gamers.


How can I encourage my husband to pick up after himself without sounding like I am nagging him constantly?

Willie said he has a three-year-old and at the core, men are three-year-olds. He said we have to be beat over the head and told what to do because we don’t know if we are doing something wrong. You might have a man that has a Mom that picked up after him all his life, so he doesn’t even know he is doing anything wrong. You need to sit him down and say it is disrespectful to you and it is hurting you and our relationship.

The Other View: Getting Men To Open Up

How can you convince the man you love to open up to you?


Willie said that is a hard one because a lot of guys are not talkers. His wife said before you can write a guy a note because he doesn’t like the face-to-face confrontation. He doesn’t want to make an appointment to talk about it tonight. If you write the note, it is starting the conversation and letting him respond on his own terms. Go into the side-door for the conversation, not head-on.

The Other View: Lack Of Intimacy

I know he loves me, but when I don’t see the lovey-dovey stuff I panic. I feel like we are becoming too distant. Am I overreacting or should the intimacy always be there?

Willie said he doesn’t think she is overreacting. It is a slippery slope until the point where you are a roommate, you are a buddy. Soon you are sleeping in separate beds, you’re not talking to each other. You don’t have to makeout in public, but the intimacy should be there especially if you are married with kids. Make the time!

The Other View: Men and Their Video Games

Why can’t grown men stay away from video games?

Willie said the average age of the video gamer is 35 years old. Guys sit with headsets on playing Call of Duty and talking with 12-year-olds and he has no idea why they do it.


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