Organizing Mail: Magazine File, Mail Tray & File Storage Reviews


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Organizing Your Mail

The ladies are helping you get your home in shipshape and helping you get organized. Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Mary Kate McGrath, Senior Editor at Real Simple, who shared tips to help you get rid of that huge pile of mail you’ve been ignoring.

Organizing Mail: Sort, Sort, Sort

Organizing Mail Tips: Magazine File, Mail Tray & File Storage Reviews

Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Mary Kate McGrath, who shared organizing mail tips, including magazine file and file storage reviews.


Mary Kate said that Americans spend eight months of their lives going through mail, so it is a problem for everybody. She said the first thing to do is attack it when it comes in the door. She said if you take a few minutes when you first get it, you won’t be dealing with it for on and on and on. She said to weed through the big pile.

We all get catalogs that we love and cherish, but there are a lot of things we get that we don’t want. She said you can go to Direct Marketers Association, a site you can go to and choose which ones you want and don’t want. She said the catalogs you want to keep, keep them in a nice pile. The ones you don’t want, recycle them.

Organizing Mail: Magazine File Review

For the catalogs you want to keep, Mary Kate suggested getting two magazine files to hold them in. She said this will hold about a month’s worth of magazines and catalogs. She said they will hold your catalogs and magazines very easily and you can take it with you if you go to the couch to read.


Organizing Mail: A+R Shredder Review

Mary Kate said this is very important and identity theft is out there. She said you want to go through things and shred things. Most of them are big and bulky, but she suggested a shredder from A+R that is $44.

Organizing Mail: Mail Tray Review

Mary Kate suggested getting a mail tray to hold all your mail. She said it will hold about a week’s worth of mail.

Organizing Mail: Command Central Review

Mary Kate suggested a Command Central starting at $27 for each piece from Pottery Barn. She said everyone can get their own little slot and you can put your invitations here and no one has any excuses to miss any mail.

Organizing Mail: File Storage Review

Mary Kate suggested some file storage for those tax forms you must keep for seven years and just put them away for seven years. However, 30% of people are going paperless and you can scan them and hold them on your computer.


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