Miss Advised: Dating After 50, Best Dating Websites & Moving In


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Dating Advice For People Over 30

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talked with Amy Laurent, matchmaker, Emily Morse, radio talk show host, and Julia Allison, journalist, about advice for dating after 30. The ladies all star in Bravo’s Miss Advised, where they publicly struggle with their own love lives. It airs on Mondays on Bravo at 10/9c.

Dating Advice: Asking To Move In Together

Dating Advice: Moving In Together, Dating After 50 & Best Dating Websites

Kathie Lee & Hoda talked with Amy Laurent, Emily Morse and Julia Allison, stars of Miss Advised on Bravo, about advice for dating after 30.


Question: How do you approach a guy you’ve been dating for more than two years about moving in together…and getting married?

Answers: Amy said to be careful because as a woman, you never want to give an ultimatum. That never works out well. If you haven’t voiced your opinion that you want to move in, how does he know?

If you seem happy, he’s not going to change anything. Emily said women need to give themselves an ultimatum, like if he doesn’t want to be exclusive after a month than I need to move on.


Dating Advice: Dating After 50

Question: I am over 50 and have not dated in over a year. Where does someone over 50 meet others who are not just looking for one-night stands?

Answers: Emily said if you are single, no matter what age you are, you should treat it like you are looking for a job. Tell everyone that you are single: your friends, co-workers, people at the grocery store. Put it out there and tell everyone that you are single. Julia said that some people are even going on Facebook and Twitter to find a man.

Dating Advice: Dating Websites

Question: Which dating website would be best for a single woman attempting to get back out there after divorce?

Answers: Julia said like the point she just made, use Facebook and Twitter. Use an unconventional method. I think it’s nice to go in the back-way, when people aren’t looking. Emily said there are so many dating sites out there, it’s kind of like asking who should I be friends with? You have to surf around and see what you are more comfortable with. Amy said hire a matchmaker.


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