Labor Day Party Tips: Edible Burger Centerpiece & Goodie Bags


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Labor-Free Labor Day Parties

With summer winding down, you might be thinking about inviting some friends over for one last hoorah before everyone gets back into their normal routine, but you don’t have to labor over your Labor Day bash. Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were joined by Laurin Sydney, Lifestyle Guru, who shared some tips and tricks to get the party started, including edible burger centerpieces, tomato centerpieces and take home treats for your guests.

Labor-Free Labor Day Party: Edible Burger Centerpieces

Laurin Sydney shared some tips & tricks to get the party started, including edible burger centerpieces and take home treats for your guests,

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talked with Laurin Sydney, who shared some tips & tricks to get the party started, including edible burger centerpieces and take home treats for your guests,


Laurin Sydney said you only need to do a couple things wow and the rest doesn’t matter. She said start with the centerpiece. Make it a conversation piece, not a centerpiece. Edible centerpieces are memorable for kids and adults. She suggested an Edible Burger Centerpiece.

To make them, you take two corn muffin tops, a bran muffin stuffed in between and a little icing on the top and you are good to go. You are going to get raves. Hoda said that is a good idea and Kathie Lee said the kids are going to have fun decorating that.

Labor-Free Labor Day Party: Tomato Bowl Centerpiece

Laurin Sydney said right now there are tomatoes galore. If you don’t can, then pile tomatoes in a bowl and add flowers. Make it into a centerpiece. It is so easy and it is a conversation piece.


Labor-Free Labor Day Party: Signature Drink

Laurin suggested having a signature drink at every party that you do and you offer less. You don’t have to do all the wine and all the soda. Laurin suggested getting a doodah, which appears to be a beer tap and put it in a watermelon and made a watermelon punch. For Halloween, you can use a pumpkin and fill it with apple cider.

Labor-Free Labor Day Party: Recycle Leftover Napkins

Laurin suggested recycling leftover napkins from past holidays. Just stack them up and take a glass and swirl them. Put muscle into a glass and it spears them. Laurin said it is so beautiful and no one knows they are leftover napkins.

Labor Day Party: Watermelon Cake Recipe

Laurin suggested taking a regular cake mix and decorating it as a watermelon. Indent the icing and then put chocolate chips upside down as the pits. Another idea it to buy cookies and decorate them up with icing.

Labor-Free Labor Day Party: Goodie Bags

Laurin said you have to leave them with something. Send guests home with a take home treat. You can use this as a napkin ring as well, where you use an empty toilet paper roll and construct the napkin holder. Also, get some hot cocoa packets and create a cute little card to attach to it with a cute saying about winter being around the corner.



  1. cheryl says

    saw the show and they had this tap which they called the doodah.. really .. love the idea can’t find it anywhere

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