KLG & Hoda Plaza Ambush Makeover: Gail Pace Maggy London Black Dress


Kathie Lee & Hoda Plaza Ambush Makeover: Gail Pace

It is Thursday again which means it is time for another Plaza Ambush Makeover and it looks like there were a lot of people to chose from in the crowd. Louis Licari said the ambush makeover candidates are coming out in “droves” hoping to be picked for a makeover.

KLG & Hoda Plaza Ambush Makeover: Gail Pace Maggy London Black Dress

Two lucky Today Show fans had the chance to get a Plaza Ambush Makeover as Kathie Lee and Hoda handed them off to stylist Louis Licari.


The first Today Show fan they brought in for a makeover was Gail Pace, a 53-year-old mother of one from Oklahoma. Although she was super excited to be get a makeover, her husband seemed even more excited.

He said he was “tickled” to have her as his wife and he was looking forward to her getting a new look since she hasn’t changed her style in over 20 years.

“We like new things, but I still want to keep the same wife,” joked  her husband Larry.


Well, when Gail came out from backstage after her makeover, she looked amazing. Louis Licari said Gail had great hair to work with but it was too dark for her face. It was so dark it was creating unsightly shadows so he chopped some of it off and lightened her hair color.

Then Jill Martin dressed her in a little black dress with a little silk from Maggy London.

Today Show: Diana Slumzenski Plaza Ambush Makeover

The next guest to get a makeover was Diana Slumzenski, a mother of three from Columbia, South Carolina, who told Kathie Lee and Hoda she has never worn makeover in her life.

So on her 50th birthday, she wore makeup for the first time ever and her whole family was in shock when they saw her come out with her new makeover.

“This is the greatest birthday present for her,” said her husband Frank who was ecstatic when his wife came out from backstage.

Louis Licari said he cut her hair a little and gave it a deeper brown color. He then layered the hair making it easy for her to style it when she got home from New York City. Then he put the whole look together with a minimal amount of makeup and some fake eyelashes to really make her eyes pop.

As for her dress, Jill Martin dressed her in a red wrap dress from Ralph Lauren.


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