KLG & Hoda 75th Annual National Wildlife Week & Cirque Du Soleil Totem


Kathie Lee & Hoda: 75th Annual National Wildlife Week

In an effort to celebrate the 75th Annual National Wildlife Week, Hoda and Molly Ringwald got to meet some pretty strange animals when Dave Mizejeski stopped by to teach them a little about the wildlife. He said during National Wildlife Week he tries to introduce as many different kinds of wildlife to people as he can, and what better way to show off some animals than on the fourth hour of the Today Show? The first animal they were able to meet was the kookaburra, a bird from Australia that has a very peculiar call that sounds nothing like anything I have ever heard come from any birds in America. Mizejeski said the bird lives in holes inside trees just like the bluebirds of North America.

KLG & Hoda: 75th Annual National Wildlife Week & Cirque Du Soleil Totem

Molly Ringwald and Hoda Kotb wactched a preview of Cirque du Soleil Totem, and for the 75th annual National Wildlife Week they met a bearcat, a vulture and more.


Next up was the boa constrictor which Hoda immediately stepped away from. Mizejeski said the boa constrictor lives in South America and is one of the animals he likes to let people hold because they are usually good sports about it. He said the snakes live in trees when they are young and their diet consists of mainly birds and other animals they kill by wrapping their bodies around them. He said the second the animal exhales, the boa constrictor will tighten it’s grip and suffocate the animal.

The next animal on the set was the bearcat, an animal native to Asia. Mizejeski said the bearcat lives in the trees and uses it’s long tail to hang on the branches without falling off. He said they love to eat fruits and small animals and the one he had crawling on his shoulders on the show weighed in at around 90 pounds.

The last animal Mizejeski brought out was the king vulture. He said the birds have no feathers on their head because they are scavengers. When they stick their head in a carcass to start eating, they have no feathers the dead carcass can get on. He also said the king vulture is unlike other birds in that it nests on the ground and not in the trees.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Cirque Du Soleil Totem Review

The new Cirque du Soleil show, Totem, has opened in New York City. Hoda invited two of the stars of the show onto the set to give her and Molly Ringwald a preview of what over two million people have already called amazing.

The preview featured a man and woman who seemed to be almost one person. Every one of the choreographed moves they performed were timed together perfectly as the two twisted, bent and moved in ways I never knew possible. There were even a number of times when the male or the female would go from laying on the thighs of the other person to standing straight up using only the muscles in their arms.


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