Kathie Lee & Hoda: Tara Sophia Mohr & Playing Big Leadership Program


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Tara Sophia Mohr Interview

Kathie Lee and Hoda got schooled on the eight ways that women accidentally undermine themselves, kind of sabotaging their own success, and how they can stop it. The ladies were joined by Tara Sophia Mohr, founder of Playing Big Women’s Leadership Program, who gave them tips on how women can play big, including stop saying “just” and “actually” and stating your ideas with confidence.

Today Show: Playing Big Program

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Tara Sophia Mohr & Playing Big Leadership Program

Tara Sophia Mohr, founder of Playing Big, gave tips on how women can play big, including stop saying “just” and “actually” and stating ideas confidently.


She noticed it with the women she works with, women in the program and there are little things that women do, but they have a big impact on how women come across in the big world. Hoda said women are trying to be modest and not sound too big for the britches. Tara said we don’t want to be not nice or too aggressive, so these are things women do to try and mitigate the way women come across, but it is the wrong way to go.

Tara Sophia Mohr: Stop Using The Words “Just” and “Actually”

Tara said sometimes those words are used appropriately, but she said in circumstances like, “I actually have a question” when used in a meeting or “I actually disagree.” She said that makes it sound like women are surprised that they have a question or disagree. For “just,” she said it minimizes what is coming next, shrinks it and sounds like you are rushing through it. “I just have a question.”

Today Show: State Your Ideas With Confidence

Hoda said a lot of women start their sentences with, “I might be wrong about this, but…” and Tara said that is so wrong. Kathie Lee said stop apologizing for your opinions. Tara said it may be that the person is afraid of criticism and by doing this it makes it a little less scary.


Tara Sophia Mohr: Women Are Being Modest

Hoda said isn’t it about being modest. Tara said women often overestimate how often they need to show that modesty and usually when women do this they are afraid of asserting their voice.

Today Show: Stop Saying “This Will Only Take A Minute”

Tara said women often say this, but then it is something really important and they know it will take more than a minute. Don’t use it anymore!

Tara Sophia Mohr: Don’t Make Your Sentences Sound Like Questions

Tara said when women raise their pitch at the end of a sentence, it makes it sound like a question and you need to stop doing that.


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