Kathie Lee & Hoda: Susan Lucci Deadly Affairs Review & All My Children


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Susan Lucci Interview

It is hard to believe that Susan Lucci spent 41 years as Erica Kane on the soap opera All My Children, where she was dubbed daytime’s leading lady. Now she is getting ready for her latest role as the host of a new show called Deadly Affairs, a new show on ID TV and premieres September 8 2012 at 10 p.m.

Susan Lucci: Deadly Affairs Review

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Susan Lucci Deadly Affairs Review & All My Children

Kathie Lee and Hoda sat down with Susan Lucci, best known as Erica Kane on All My Children, and talked about her new show Deadly Affairs.


Susan said she has never done this kind of work before. She has never hosted anything before and never done a lot of voiceover work before. This whole thing is brand new for her and challenging and fun. She said sadly when All My Children was cancelled she wanted to do something she had never done before perfectly and wanted to be excited about it and wanted to be in good hands.

Deadly Affairs are true stories of affairs and murders. Susan said there is a website for addicts of investigation and discovery because they are addicted. To ID TV’s credit, they are now pushing the envelope and not saying we are great, but where can we go now.

She is hosting as a character, not the Erica Kane character, but it is a nod to the Erica Kane character. She said she is on-location and doing costume changes and doing the narration of the story in the voice of that character. Susan said it is fun and the writing is so clever.


Susan Lucci: Serious Topics on Deadly Affairs

Hoda said it is a serious topic the show is talking about and it has to be a fine line. Susan said it is and that is one of the first things she asked about. The comments and the character is all about the relationship between men and women and that is the thing she thinks is so fascinating and that they tell such good stories. She said when they talk about the victims, that is nothing funny at all.

It is more about the marriage and the relationships, not about the murders. Susan said that is what people are most fascinated about because you get a sneak peek behind the closed doors and you also get to see the people punished for the crime.

Susan Lucci: Mourning All My Children

Susan said that All My Children went off the air just about a year ago and it has taken her just about the entire year for a mourning process. She misses the people every day, but with Deadly Affairs being shot in New York she has all her people back to work with, like hair and makeup people.


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