Kathie Lee & Hoda Reinventions: Hoda Sings Backup For Lee Brice


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Reset, Rework, Reinvent Yourself

Even though Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb love their jobs, as part of the reinvention show they took on the jobs they would dream of doing. For Hoda Kotb that job would be a back-up singer and she hit the stage with Lee Brice, country superstar.

Hoda Kotb & Lee Brice: Country Superstar

Lee Brice & Hoda Kotb: Today Show

As part of the reinvention show, Hoda Kotb became a backup singer for country superstar Lee Brice at a concert in upstate New York. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)


Lee Brice is a country music superstar that had his first #1 hit with his single, “A Woman Like You,” in April 2012.  Lee Brice hit the Nashville scene with his 20120 debut album, Love Like Crazy. From his debut album, Brice was able to nab the Billboard’s Top Country Song of 2010 with the title track from the album Love Like Crazy. The song never made it #1 on the Hot Country Songs chart. “Love Like Crazy” peaked at #3, but it set a record for the longest run in the chart’s history when it stayed there for 56 weeks.

Lee Brice, Garth Brooks & Tim McGraw

Lee Brice is not only a country singer, he is also a songwriter. Not only has Lee Brice written his own material, he has also co-written songs for Garth Brooks, Adam Gregory and Tim McGraw. The songs include “More Than A Memory” for Garth Brooks and “Still” by Tim McGraw.

Lee Brice: Clemson University

As a child, Lee Brice learned to play the piano. Besides the piano, Lee Brice also sang in his church choir and started early at writing songs, which he would later pen some huge country hits. In high school, Brice entered and won three different talent contests.


After high school, Lee Brice took his act to Clemson University, where he attended on a football scholarship. On the Clemson football team, Brice played special teams and was a long snapper. After an arm injury, Brice decided it was time to start focusing on a country music career.


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