Kathie Lee & Hoda: Quick Fixes for Falling Hems & Deodorant Streaks


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Quick Fixes For Wardrobe Malfunctions

Isn’t it the worst when you go out somewhere and the button on your shirt falls off? Or how about when you are about to bundle up for a cold walk to the car and the zipper on your jacket gets stuck and refuses to zip the coat up or down? Hoda and Lisa Rinna really hate it when those things happen so they brought on Zanna Roberts Rassi from Marie Claire magazine to go over her best fixes for any type of wardrobe malfunction.

How To Fix a Falling Hem

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Quick Fixes for Falling Hems & Deodorant Streaks

Hoda Kotb and Lisa Rinner went over some quick fixes for lost buttons, stuck zippers, running makeup, falling hems and getting deodorant streaks off clothes.


A falling hem can make an outfit look like a disaster but fallen hems are actually a pretty quick fix. Rassi suggested using double sided tape to fix the hem until you have a chance to sew it or have it re-hemmed. Simply stick the tape where the hem should be and viola. She said it is great for school uniforms. And don’t use staples to fix the hem – it will look just as sloppy as a fallen hem.

How To Fix a Stuck Zipper

Everyone has felt the stress of having a zipper stick but Rassi said it is only a matter of rubbing a candle on the zipper’s teeth to make it start working again. She said the oil from the candle will unstick the tooth the zipper is stuck on. Rinna was pretty excited about the new fix she learned, saying the last time she got a zipper stuck her husband had to use pliers to fix it.

How To Fix a Popped Button

Don’t you hate it when a button pops off? You know if you put the button in your pocket it is gone forever but Rassi said by using the metal part of a twist tie, like the ones on bread, you can thread the thin piece of metal through the holes of the button and make a small puncture through the cloth of the clothing and then tie a tiny knot to make sure the metal tie stays in place.


How To Remove Deodorant Streaks

Deodoant is always going to streak, and Rassi said the easiest way to get rid of streaks is by using wet wipes. She said they get the deodorant off and they dry quickly.


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