Kathie Lee & Hoda: Miley Cyrus Haircut & Bobbi Kristina Kisses Brother


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Rob Shuter Interview

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcomed Huffington Post Celebrity columnist, Rob Shuter, to The Today Show to talk about the entertainment news that you may have missed, including Robert Pattinson on Daily Show, Jennifer Aniston engaged, Miley Cyrus haircut and Bobbi Kristina tweets out picture kissing her brother.

Rob Shuter: Robert Pattinson On Daily Show

Rob Shuter talked about Robert Pattinson on Daily Show, Jennifer Aniston engaged, Miley Cyrus haircut & Bobbi Kristina kissing her brother.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb welcomed Rob Shuter to the studio, who talked about Robert Pattinson on Daily Show, Jennifer Aniston engaged, Miley Cyrus haircut & Bobbi Kristina kissing her brother.


Rob Shuter said that Robert Pattinson sat down for the first time since the scandal with Kristen Stewart. Shuter said it was a really good job by Jon Stewart. It is an awkward interview and do you mention the girlfriend, do you mention her name.

Stewart chose not to mention Kristen Stewart. He offered Pattinson ice cream. Robert looked uncomfortable and smiled a lot. Shuter said the most profound thing Stewart said was when you are young and going through a breakup it feels like your world is going to end. Then they left it alone and talked about the movie. Very classy.

Rob Shuter: Miley Cyrus Haircut

Rob Shuter said Miley Cyrus has always admired Twiggy. She cut off all her hair and the place blew up. People are not fans of this look. She said she feels the most comfortable she has ever felt. The man who did it was the man who did Jennifer Aniston’s hair. Shuter said she is young and experimenting, so it is great.


Rob Shuter: Bobbi Kristina Kissing Her Brother

Rob Shuter said that Bobbi Kristina tweeted out pictures of her kissing her adopted brother. Shuter said he is not technically her brother. He was never adopted by Whitney Houston, but he has lived with the family since he was very young. Bobbi Kristina did tweet a picture of them kissing and both got tattoos in honor of Whitney Houston.

Rob Shuter: Kristin Chenoweth Not Returning To The Good Wife

Rob Shuter said that Kristin Chenoweth has confirmed she is not coming back to The Good Wife. She had the on-set injury and will not be back. She did tape the season premiere, so she will appear in that. She has not been seen since the accident. She cancelled a couple benefits for the theater, so it makes Shuter wonder what kind of shape she is in.

Rob Shuter: Jennifer Aniston Engagement News

Rob Shuter said that the rumor going around right now is that her dad did not know about it, but he cleared it up and he knew all along. A reporter called him and he played dumb because he didn’t want to give it all away. Her and her father had a rift, but they have made up. We have not seen the ring yet.


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