Kathie Lee & Hoda: Lada from Denmark Wears Heels, Makeup for 1st Time


Kathie Lee & Hoda Plaza Ambush Makeover: Lana From Denmark

Kathie Lee and Hoda sent Louis Licari and Jill Martin out into the Today Show crowd to pick out two lucky women who were in dire need of a makeover. Licari said they had a big crowd today which meant he had a lot of women to choose from, so he chose a woman named Lada from Denmark to be the first makeover.

Lada told Kathie Lee and Hoda she has never worn makeup, she has never worn heels and she has never worn a dress. She even lets her husband cut her hair for her. They simply go in the backyard, he ties a ponytail for her and he cuts it off. No clean up needed.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Lada from Denmark Wears Heels, Makeup for 1st Time

Kathie Lee and Hoda invited two women to get makeovers during their Plaza Ambush Makeover. One woman from Denmark wore heels and makeup for the first time.

After Lada came out from backstage to reveal her new look, her husband turned bright red. He couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. Kathie Lee even said it had to be an optical allusion because she looked so different. Licari said he shortened her hair, lightened the color a little bit and trimmed the hair to bring out her true personality. Then Jill Martin put her in a blue London Times dress that looked amazing on her. I have feeling they wont be cutting her hair in the garden anymore.

Kathie Lee & Hoda Ambush Plaza Makeover: Sonya’s Pre-Wedding Makeover

The second woman Licari and Martin brought in for a makeover was Sonya who said she was really excited about the makeover because her daughter is getting married this weekend and she wants to look her best. As she put it, she is really looking forward to a “glam redo.”


If a glam redo is what she was hoping for, she sure got one. She came out from backstage looking very chic. Licari said he trimmed her hair into a modified bob and he took out all the strips of color in her hair and lighted it into one light brown color.

Martin didn’t have a dress for the wedding, but she did dress her in a black London Times dress that would be great for the wedding rehearsal.

Kathie Lee & Hoda Camerman Cuts Hair After 37 Years

They also had a third makeover on the show today. They brought out Jimmy, a cameraman on the show, who has had long hair for 37 years and finally cut it off today. He looked a lot better with the short hair but I have a feeling he is going to start growing it out again.


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