Kathie Lee & Hoda: Kid Rock $20 Best Night Ever Tour Tickets Cost $20


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Kid Rock Lowers Ticket Prices to $20

He is a self taught musician with five Grammy nominations under his belt and a hoard of fans who are devoted to every song he released. Who is he? Kid Rock.

He stopped by the show today to talk about his new tour, the $20 Best Night Ever Tour. It is named as such because every single ticket to every single one of the concerts on the tour is selling for $20 each.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Kid Rock $20 Best Night Ever Tour Tickets Cost $20

Kid Rock talked with Kathie Lee and Hoda about his $20 Best Night Ever Tour where he convinced Live Nation to sell all tickets for $20.
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“I don’t know if $20 is the right price to change this business but it is the right price to make a statement,” said Kid Rock.

Today Show: Kid Rock $20 Concerts

He said he worked with Live Nation to figure out how they could make money without upping ticket prices. He convinced the company to let him see their business number and then the two of them worked it out so they would still be making money but the ticket prices wouldn’t be outrageous.


Vendors can still sell $20 tickets, venues can still sell overpriced beer and the parking places can still charge whatever they charge, but the ticket prices are only going to cost $20, said Kid Rock.

“One percent but I never made an unhonest dollar off a working man’s back,” said Kid Rock.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Uncle Kracker and Kid Rock

Luckily for Kid Rock and Live Nation, the tickets are selling through the roof. St. Louis is already asking for another concert to be added to their stop on the tour, Detroit is upping their number of shows from seven to eight shows over the tour and tickets in Los Angeles sold out in only nine days.

Kid Rock is also invited some pretty big names to open up for him. Uncle Kracker will be opening up for Kid Rock the entire tour, while Kool and the Gang also open up for him during the first half of the tour and ZZ Top takes over opening duties on the second half of the tour.

“What is with the kracker guy,” asked an oblivious Kathie Lee.

Before he left for the day they made sure to bring him out a bourbon drink to sip on with the ladies as they looked at some of the crazy cruise parties he has had on Carnival Cruises.


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