Kathie Lee & Hoda: Jessica Alba Baby2Baby & Women Doing Good Awards


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Women Doing Good Awards

Every year, Self Magazine honors inspiring women that are making a difference in the world globally, nationally or in their own communities with the “Women Doing Good” Awards. Hoda will be emceeing the event again this year, which is September 12 2012. Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by four of the winners, including Jessica Alba, Tonia Farman, Catherine Wyatt-Morley and Sabrina Cohen

Jessica Alba: Baby2Baby Organization

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Jessica Alba Baby2Baby & Women Doing Good Awards

Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with Woman Doing Good Award winners, including Jessica Alba Baby2Baby and Tonia Farman of Athletes for Cancer.


Jessica Alba founded a cause called Baby2Baby, which provides essentials to children living in poverty in Los Angeles. She said it is a local organization. She started a company in January and she embedded in the DNA of her business model to give to charity. Good business you are also doing good for people. Her kids are one and four, so the cause is very personal because she can’t imagine not being able to provide for her babies.

Tonia Farman: Athletes for Cancer

Tonia Farman started this great cause that is Athletes for Cancer because her brother passed away from cancer when he was 19 years old. She said it was a difficult and struggling time and she tried to turn her grief into something positive and Athletes for Cancer came about. She said their real focus is on cancer survivors and helping them get their lives back after cancer. They do that by outdoor adventure camps and use therapy to help them get their lives back. It helps them get their confidence back and take control of their lives.

Women Doing Good Awards: Catherine Wyatt-Morley

Catherine Wyatt-Morley was diagnosed with HIV and doctors gave her six years to live and eighteen years later, here she is and she started an organization to help other women. She said it has been a long struggle and the stigma associated with HIV eighteen years ago. She said her organization works with women that don’t have a voice. She said that HIV is unlike so many other diseases out there and she is a true example of what HIV/AIDS actually looks like. She said she was in a monogamous, married relationship and when HIV came into her home it was devastating. She said that it has not only changed her life, but the lives of others and it has been great.


Women Doing Good Awards: Sabrina Cohen

Sabrina Cohen was in a terrible car accident a while ago and was told she would never walk again. She is in an elevated wheelchair and she is not taking no for an answer. She said when she was 14 years old she was involved in a car accident and she’s been living in that chair coming up on 20 years. She said she was able to tap into her inner strength and get out there and advocate for disabilities rights and in 2006 she started her own organization to help fund research for regenerative medicine to reverse paralysis for spinal cord injuries.


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