Kathie Lee & Hoda: Jeff Probst ‘The Jeff Probst Show’ Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Jeff Probst Interview

When he is not hanging around the camps or tallying votes on Survivor, Emmy Award-winner Jeff Probst is going to be doing a lot of talking this year. He is hosting a new syndicated daytime talk show called The Jeff Probst Show and it premieres on September 10 2012.

Jeff Probst: His Wife and Kids

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Jeff Probst 'The Jeff Probst Show' Review

Kathie Lee & Hoda were joined by Jeff Probst as he talked about his new daytime talk show, The Jeff Probst Show, and moody baby viral video.


He said he has been thinking about doing this show for a while and it really shifted when he got married and his wife Lisa brought these two amazing kids into his life. He has these two kids calling him Dad. He met his wife at a Christmas party at Mark Burnett’s house, the producer of Survivor. Jeff said Mark changed his life twice: putting him on Survivor and having a Christmas party where he met his future wife.

Jeff Probst: The Jeff Probst Show Review

He said he lives his life that life is short at best and he wants to get the most out of it as he can. He has learned in daytime he has a short attention span. They will start the show with three stories that are somehow connected at the theme. It could be a word, like bank and there are stories on a bank teller, bank robbery and a piggy bank and they are just interesting, entertaining stories.

His wife is the talent coordinator on the show, but they also have a camera in her office. One of the segments on the show is called “Guys On The Couch,” where he brings in two guys and they answer questions from women in the audience and his wife will pop in every once in a while.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Moody Baby Viral Video

Sara Haines shared a Webtastic Video with the ladies of two-and-a-half month old Oliver, who wakes up with almost every possible emotion. He goes from yawning to looks like he might be gassy to smiling at his Dad. His parents said he does this every time he wakes up. It was super adorable.


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