Kathie Lee & Hoda: How To React To School Bullies & Tips For Kids


Kathie Lee & Hoda: How Not To Raise A Bully

With bullying in the news every day it seems, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talked with Jennifer Hartstein, parenting and adolescent therapist, and Kelly Wallace, Chief Correspondent at iVillage, about how you can make sure your kid isn’t the one doing the bullying and how you can teach your child to stand up to the tough guys or girls, including the kids who bullied the bus monitor Karen Klein. Get expert advice on how to react to school bullies.

Bullying: How To Not Raise A Bully

Jennifer Hartstein & Kelly Wallace talked about how to make sure your kid isn’t bullying, teaching your child to stand up to bullies & more.

Jennifer Hartstein and Kelly Wallace talked about how to react to school bullies, how to make sure your kid isn’t bullying & teaching your child to stand up to bullies.


On ways to not raise a bully, Kelly Wallace said to teach your children empathy. She said to use the Karen Klein video as a teachable moment and show them the video and ask them how they would feel and what would they do. When you switch it around and they see it for themselves, Kelly said it gives them more confidence to stand up.

Bullying: Why Do People Bully?

Jennifer Hartstein said people bully because they might have parents that were bullies, so they have it modeled for them and think it is ok to do. They might have been bullied themselves, so they turn it around. Hartstein said maybe they have low self-esteem, so they join in to feel like they are part of the in crowd and popular or maybe there is something going on at home which is causing them to act out.

Bullying: Kids That Don’t Say A Word To Bullies

Jennifer Hartstein said this is the by-stander affect. They are standing by waiting for someone else to say something. They wonder if they are going to be the dissenter and how is the bully going to feel about that.


Bullying: Violence Is Not The Issue

If being bullied, Kelly Wallace said we want confidence, but violence is not the answer. She said to use your words, express your emotions, reach out to a grown-up or other people.

Bullying: Most Bullies Are Really Cowards

Jennifer Hartstein said there is this mask. Bullies are putting on a mask to show you they are so tough. She said there has been research that shows the popular kids are the bullies, so they stay bullies to stay popular. If you can, stand up to them and say you are not going to take this and it is not ok with me and parents need to teach their kids that.

Bullying: Teaching Your Kids

Kelly Wallace said to try and teach your kids that something is going on with the bully and teach your kid compassion for the bully. Jennifer Hartstein said that kids are always listening, so we want to give messages to them that are clear.


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