Kathie Lee & Hoda: Gretchen Rubin ‘Happier At Home’ Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Gretchen Rubin Interview

Who wouldn’t want to be a little happier? It is something Gretchen Rubin has taken to heart and her best-selling book The Happiness Project inspired readers to take on monthly resolutions to improve their lives. She is back with her follow-up book called Happier At Home.

Gretchen Rubin: Happier At Home Review

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Gretchen Rubin Happier At Home Review

Kathie Lee & Hoda were joined by Gretchen Rubin, author of Happier At Home, who talked about being happier in our lives, like saying hello.


She said she had a great time with her Happiness Project, but she realized she wanted to go more narrow and deeper into this idea of home. She realized that so many ideas of this happy life converge in home. Once she decided to do it is when she became really preoccupied on what she could do to be happier at home and that is what mattered the most.

Gretchen Rubin: Why Read Samuel Johnson?

She said when she reads him she understands herself better. Everyone has that thing that resonates their soul. She said he isn’t for everyone, but for her Samuel Johnson is.

Gretchen Rubin: Possessions Make You Happier

Hoda said that people say it is not possessions that make you happy, but it is who you have, but Gretchen said that some possessions can make you happy. Gretchen said that some possessions have a role in your life. There are things that are precious to us and remind us of the people attached to them and they allow us to project ourselves into our environment and remind us what makes us happy.


Gretchen Rubin: Pay Attention to Your Goodbyes

Gretchen said she wants the atmosphere of her home to be that tender, attentive, engaged feeling. The hello and goodbye is a good reminder. It is a way to check in every time you come and go. She said it is easy and doesn’t take a lot of time or money, which nobody has.

Gretchen Rubin: Some People Are Innately Happy

Gretchen said that they say about 50% of it is hardwired and cooked in, but then a bunch of it is our conscious control with the things that we do and the way that we think.

Gretchen Rubin: Abandon A Project

Gretchen said you start something and you lose interest or it is harder than you thought. She said dump it. If you keep it, it weighs on your conscious.


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