Kathie Lee & Hoda: Geena Davis ‘Coma’ Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Geena Davis Interview

From Thelma & Louise to The Accidental Tourist and A League of Their OwnGeena Davis has been making many memorable films and now the Academy Award-winning actress is starring in Coma on A&E. Kathie Lee and Hoda sat down with Geena to talk aboutt he new role.

Geena Davis: ComaReview

Kathie Lee & Hoda sat down with Geena Davis to talk about her new role in a two-part series called Coma on A&E & her role on Thelma & Louise

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb sat down with Geena Davis to talk about her new role in a two-part series called Coma on A&E and her role on Thelma & Louise.


Coma is a two-part medical thriller airing on A&E. Geena Davis plays the icy head of psychiatry that will stop at nothing to get what she wants in the boardroom and bedroom. Hoda said it is a two-day event that takes place on Labor Day weekend and it is creepy. Geena said there is a medical mystery going on in this hospital and why are so many patients going into a coma and more than normally happens.

Geena plays one of the doctors at the hospital who may or may not be involved in something mysterious that may or may not be going on. In Coma, her character is trying to cure Alzheimer’s. She said she is a very strict scientist and skirting the gray area of morals. Kathie Lee said it does take on that tough subject of when are you wasting money taking care of somebody that is not going to make it when you could take that money and save someone’s life that is much younger. Geena said that is the spooky part of why they are going in comas and staying in comas and there might be some experimentations going on.

Geena Davis: Roles She Plays

Hoda said after she did Thelma & Louise, Geena Davis said she changed the way she chose roles because she is concerned about what women thought about seeing her on screen. Geena said that was the first time that the reaction of women was so different than before. She said that as women we have very few opportunities to feel like that towards a female character. She said we even kill ourselves and people were inspired.



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