Kathie Lee & Hoda End Feud With Chelsea Handler & After Lately Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Chelsea Handler

The last time she was on Today – oh, wait, she wasn’t. Chelsea Handler cancelled on Kathie Lee & Hoda the last time she was supposed to be on the fourth hour of Today, saying she hit her eye on a shower curtain and had food poisoning. It started a small feud between them, but Kathie Lee went and made up with Handler. She came back to the fourth hour to promote After Lately, her show that airs after Chelsea Lately and chronicles the messes that she and her writers get into.

Kathie Lee & Hoda End Feud With Chelsea Handler & After Lately Review

Chelsea Handler ended her feud with Kathie Lee & Hoda and talked about After Lately. (DFree / Shutterstock.com)


Today: Chuy Bravo & Chelsea Handler

Chuy is Handler’s little friend that sits in the corner and has some silly jokes during After Lately. She said she travels with him in the overhead bin on airplanes. She loves when he falls out during the flight and rolls down the aisle like a bowling ball.

Chelsea Handler: After Lately Review

After Lately airs Monday nights at 10:30 p.m. on E! It’s Handler’s favorite show she’s ever done because they get to be silly and candid. She brings in guests and they get to be part of the semi-scripted fun. She likes reenacting scenes between her and her writers.

Jay Leno is on tonight’s episode and Handler tells him just how she feels about him. Also on this season are Kate Beckinsale, Johnny Knoxville, Charlize Theron and Kathie Lee herself. Kathie Lee said they battle out their feud on After Lately. 


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Chelsea Handler’s Personality

While some find Handler to be a little abrasive, she tries to make up for it outside of work by being generous and nice to everyone. She said she wants everyone to think she has a good heart, despite her brash comedy. She bought 20 copies of Hoda’s book when it came out last month.

Today: Chelsea Handler Dating?

Handler said she’s been dating her current boyfriend for the last four months, which is a long relationship for her. She said that sometimes they are in love and sometimes they are in like. She had a hard time turning on his shower this morning and had a heated phone fight with him. She said she is excited to see him later today. That’s just the way she rolls.

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