Kathie Lee & Hoda: Dylan McDermott Olympus Has Fallen Action Scenes


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Dyan McDermott Olympus Has Fallen Review

Dylan McDermott is in the new movie Olympus Has Fallen where he plays an ex-CIA agent with some plans of his own for the White House, and he was on the Today Show to talk about all the action scenes in the movie.

Just as Anthony Anderson was about to introduce the actor, he said twat on live TV. A few days ago Lisa Rinna said two cuss words on air and now Anthony Anderson is accidentally saying offensive words as well? I bet the censors can not wait for Kathie Lee to get back from vacation.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Dylan McDermott Olympus Has Fallen Action Scenes

Hoda Kotb and Anthony Anderson talked with Dylan McDermott about his role in Olympus Has Fallen and they tried to reenact an action scene from the film. (Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com)

Anyways, McDermott told Anderson and Hoda the movie is a nail biter. Some people are even calling it Die Hard in the White House, which it might live up to with the number of action scenes and the all-star cast consisting of Morgan Freeman, Gerard Butler and more.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Gerard Butler and Dylan McDermott Fight

Apparently Gerard Butler does a lot of his own stunts in the movie which culminated with him and McDermott getting into an actual fight while on the set.


McDermott said in the scene they fought in, he is supposed to flick a cigarette on Butler who is then supposed to karate chop him in the neck, to be followed by some more choreographed moves. But McDermott said the moment the director said action, all the choreography went out the window and it turned into a full out brawl between the actors who didn’t want to waste a take. McDermott said the cigarette also lit Butler on fire a little because it lit the glycerine he was wearing to make it look like he was sweaty.

In the end, McDermott said they both got a little banged up but everything turned out great in the scene. McDermott and Hoda tried to reenact the scene with a French fry instead of a cigarette but it ended just as badly the second time around on the fourth hour of the Today Show. Maybe the scene was not meant to be.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Dylan McDermott SNL Parody

Hoda and Anderson watched a clip from Saturday Night Live where the cast made fun of Dylan McDermott during a skit where they had contestants who picked out whether a picture they were shown was Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney.


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