Kathie Lee & Hoda: Channing Tatum Magic Mike Review


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Channing Tatum Interview

The Vow and 21 Jump Street, both released this year, were box office gold for Channing Tatum and he hopes that continues with his new movie, Magic Mike, which opens in theaters on June 29 2012. Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talked with the actor to get a Channing Tatum Magic Mike Review, and to talk about the cast and his Today Show flash mob.

Channing Tatum: Today Show Flash Mob

Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with Channing Tatum, star of the new movie Magic Mike, about the movie, the cast and his Today Show flash mob.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talked with Channing Tatum, star of the new movie Magic Mike, about the movie, the cast, his wife and his Today Show flash mob.


Yesterday on The Today Show, Channing Tatum started a flash mob which has had the world buzzing. Channing is wondering what Ann Curry thought when the wolfman came out and started to gyrate on her. Kathie Lee said she was sure she enjoyed it.

Channing Tatum: Early Days

The movie Magic Mike was inspired by Channing Tatum’s early days as a stripper. When Channing was 18 and 19 years old in Tampa, he dropped out of college.

Tatum said he was working three jobs and stripping was one of them. He was sleeping on his sister’s couch, because at that age you don’t want to be living with your parents still. When asked how he learned to dance that way, Channing said you just kind of show up. He said you don’t have to be all that good at it. If you are given an axe and fireman uniform, the women go crazy for some reason.


Channing Tatum: Magic Mike Review

Magic Mike also stars Matthew McConaughey, who plays Channing Tatum’s boss, and they dream of taking their male revue from Tampa, FL to Miami, FL. As Joe Manganiello said, the cast got along very well during the shooting of the movie. Channing Tatum said the guys had to take a huge leap of faith with this and they jumped in with both feet in the thong. It was crazy.

Channing Tatum: Wife Jenna Dewan

Channing Tatum met his wife, Jenna Dewan, while shooting the movie Step Up in 2006. They were married in July 2009. When asked how she felt about the movie, Channing said she thinks it’s hilarious. He said she married a stripper, so she knew what she was getting into. Tatum said she’s watched it and loves it and thinks it’s hilarious. She even came to the set and it was a fun time.


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