Kathie Lee & Hoda: Cancer Stricken Man Honors Girlfriend & “Storms”


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Cancer Patient Daniel Bachove Honors Girlfriend

When Hurricane Sandy hit, Daniel Bachove’s mother was ill. She was in an intensive care unit in Florida but Bachove and his girlfriend, Mindy, were stuck in New Jersey with no flights heading to Florida. Somehow they were able to find a rental car and they drove down to Florida to be with Bachove’s mother in her final days.

When they arrived at the hospital, Bachove said he felt ill and he was admitted to the hospital as well. On November 17 2012 his mother passed away and on November 19 2012 doctors told Buchove he was being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. In an effort to prolong his life, Bachove flew to Maryland where he underwent a 12 hour surgery to try and remove the cancer. He spent four weeks in the hospital after the surgery and told Kathie Lee and Hoda he was so sick and so weak he could barely talk and his mobility is still limited to this day.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Cancer Stricken Man Honors Girlfriend & "Storms"

Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with a cancer-stricken patient about why he wants to honor his girlfriend for sticking with him, and Andrew Samonsky performed “Storms.”

But through everything, from the death of his mother to his own cancer diagnosis, Bachove said his girlfriend was there for him. She slept by his bed as he as recovered from surgery and she cared for him when he was discharged. He said Mindy has stuck by him through everything, even if the end result is looking grim for Bachove. Bachove said every day poses new challenges for him but he has Mindy to help him through it, the one reason he seems to be trying to fight off the deadly cancer. He said he wrote in to Kathie Lee and Hoda not about himself, but to honor his girlfriend because she is the reason he has been able to keep going.

Bachove’s father was also on the fourth hour of the Today Show and he said it has been hard getting these two terrible diagnoses in just two days. He said the only thing that keeps his mind off the cancer and the death of his wife of 42 years is music.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Andrew Samonsky Performs “Storms”

In a small effort to help Bachove, Mindy and his father cope with the issues they have been facing, Kathie Lee teamed up with David Friedman to write a song for the couple. Broadway performer Andrew Samonsky performed the song, “Storms,” on the show.

The song was about battling the storms in our lives and about love being the only thing you really need in life, even in the eye of the storm. One lyric summed up the entire song: “Love is a compass that will bring you to shore, through the raging storm.”

In an effort to give the couple some relaxing time together, Kathie Lee and Hoda teamed up with the Ocean House Bed and Breakfast in Springlake, New Jersey to donate a two night stay at the bed and breakfast along with some gift certificates to local restaurants and money to spend while in town.

They also asked anyone with the rare disease Bachove has, small bowel cancer, to send in your stories to him. Bachove said being able to talk with someone who has the same disease as you can be the most helpful thing to a cancer patient.



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