Kathie Lee & Hoda: Abigail Spencer Rectified Review & History with KLG


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Abigail Spencer Rectified Review

The Sundance channel’s new show Rectified has been getting rave reviews from critics and Kathie Lee and Hoda know Abigail Spencer is the actress behind the success. They invited her onto the show to talk about her new role and the history she has with Kathie Lee.

The series follows the life of Daniel Holden who was on death row for 19 years before being exonerated for a murder case he never committed. Spencer plays Holden’s sister who worked for years to prove his innocence and get him back home. The first episode of the series, which premieres April 22 2013, follows Holden as he tries to readjust to life outside of prison. The rest of the six episode long series follows Holden in the first couple weeks after being released from prison.

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