Hot Fall Hairstyles: Wet Look, Bangs Vs No Bangs & The Little Knot


Today’s Style: Hot Hairstyles for the Fall

It is time for Today’s Beauty and hot hairstyles for the fall. From the low-ponytail to the just out of the shower wet look, Nick Arrojo, owner of Arrojo Studios in Manhattan, joined the ladies to show those looks that came straight from the runway.

Hot Fall Hairstyles: Wet Look

Hot Fall Hairstyles: Wet Look, Bangs Vs No Bangs & The Little Knot

From the low-ponytail to the wet look, Nick Arrojo, owner of Arrojo Studios in Manhattan, joined Kathie Lee and Hoda to show off the hot fall hairstyles.


Nick said the wet look is not really the wet look because if you do that it is going to look like you came straight out of the shower. He said you blow dry the hair while combing it back and it gives it the slicked back look. He said you then take a working spray and spray a tissue nice and heavy and then you just wipe in the spray into your hair. He said it is now a nice polished, Hollywood look. Nick said that creates the wet look, but it is in a more polished way.

Hot Fall Hairstyles: Hide Your Bangs Look

Nick said that bangs are really hot and they are always going to be really hot. He said we want to see if we can get rid of them. Nick said you have bangs to frame your face. He said you just pinch the bangs and then take a small bobby pin and just hide that bang and all of a sudden it is going to go away. You do this on both sides, but he said be sure to clip back the hair on the side before doing it and then release it when you put in the bobby pin.

Hot Fall Hairstyles: Little Knot Look

Nick said that a little knot has been hot on the runway right now. He said you first put a low-ponytail in and then place two fingers at the ponytail and then rotate the hair all the way around your two fingers. You then grab the end of the ponytail and place it inside the wrap you just did around your fingers and you pull it out the other side and you have the little knot. He said you take two big bobby pins and the trick is to pin it up and then down.


Hot Fall Hairstyles: Headbands

Nick said sometimes you don’t want your hair to be the forefront, but you want it to be the background. He said you can take some headbands. You take one and make sure you are pinching it right into the hair. He said don’t put them in too high and keep them on the lower side, but make sure to get them right into the hair. He put in three headbands and it is the highlight of the hair.


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