Guys Tell All: Wedding Planning, Online Dating & Texting Vs Phone Call


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Guys Tell All

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were joined by Bob Guiney, host of HGTV’s Showhouse Showdown, comedian Chuck Nice, comedian/actor/Weight Watchers blogger Rick Younger, Ed Watts, actor and currently starring in Scandalous on Broadway and Olympic Gold medalists Ryan Lochte as guys tell all and answer some of your questions about re-lighting the spark, online dating, wedding planning and texting Vs phone calls.

Guys Tell All: Wanting More Than Friendship

The Guys Tell All in this segment and answered questions on online dating, wedding planning, texting vs phone call and relighting the spark.

The Guys Tell All in this segment of The Today Show and answered questions on online dating, wedding planning, texting vs phone call and relighting the spark.


Question: I’ve been friends with a guy for a really long time, but I am wanting more. Do I give him a hint or do I ask him or do I wait for him to ask me?

Answers: Ryan said he was always brought up that the guy needs to make the first move, so she should wait for the guy to ask. Chuck said it is always a good thing to have a friend mention it to the guy.

Guys Tell All: Online Dating

Question: I’ve met someone online and we’ve been emailing for a month. What’s the best next step…a phone call or a date?


Answers: Rick said a phone call. There is something about conveying a message through tone, so it is a chance to talk before you go on this date. Ed said go straight to the date. Chuck said skip all that and go straight to hanging out in the bushes because you learn a lot.

Guys Tell All: Ryan Lochte on Bachelor

Question to Bob: Do you think Ryan Lochte has what it takes to be the next Bachelor?

Answers: Bob said all he is going to say is that he saw this dude in a pink Speedo last weekend. This guy has more than what it takes! Chuck said I think we just found out why Bob Guiney is divorced.

Guys Tell All: Relighting The Spark

Question: How do you relight the spark to become more important and a number one priority to your spouse opposed to just the mom to his kids, maid and roommate?

Answer: Rick said you have to realize that marriage is work and being a parent wears you out. Both men and women need to be aware that the same thing you found attractive, someone else could find attractive. You have to do some things to spice it up.

Guys Tell All: Wedding Planning

Question: Why does a guy propose and then never helps with any of the wedding planning?

Answers: Chuck said because he doesn’t want to get in trouble. Ryan said because they want the perfect wedding and it is their dream. Rick said it is a women’s dream and a lot of the time we get in the way of the dream. It took a lot of effort for us to buy the ring and get on a knee, so now you go on with your fantasy, live your dream and I’m just going to sit in when they call my name.

Guys Tell All: Men and Sports

Question: Why do men take sports so personally? My fiancé yells at the tv like that makes a difference. It’s just a game, right?

Answers: Chuck said except for Ryan, who can take it personally, for the rest of us Ryan represents our failed dreams and that’s why. Rick said it is an escape and his week is ruined if the Ravens lose.

Guys Tell All: Guys Not Talkative

Question: Why aren’t guys talking? I feel like I am always the only one in the conversation.

Answers: Bob asked if she has met them? They can’t shut up over here. He thinks he talks like crazy and he never shuts up and gets the opposite complaint. Chuck said it is also about what you want to talk about. Men talk about nothing: sports, cars, girls. Women want to talk about issues and we don’t like that.

Guys Tell All: Texting Vs Phone Calls

Question: Why can’t a guy pick up the phone anymore…it’s all about texting. Is this a reflection of if he is actually interested?

Answers: Ed said if he is texting he is interested, but he finds that it is both ways. Girls do the same thing to him and he wants to hear a voice. Bob said he likes the texting thing and it is a little impersonal. Rick said he thinks it is an age thing too and they are old enough where they want to talk every once in a while. Ryan said if he gets a phone call, he is going to hit decline and then text them and ask what’s up.


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