Guys Tell All: Should Girls Approach A Guy and Guys And Their Mothers


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Guys Tell All

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were joined by Bob Guiney, host of HGTV’s Showhouse Showdown, comedian Chuck Nice, comedian/actor/Weight Watchers blogger Rick Younger and Ryan Serhant from Million Dollar Listing: New York on Bravo as guys tell all and answer some of your questions their mothers, fashion sense, approach a guy or wait for him to approach and much more.

Guys Tell All: Planning A Date

The Guys Tell All panel answered some of your questions about men, including their fashion sense, approach a guy or wait and much more.

The Guys Tell All panel of Ryan Serhant, Chuck Nice, Rick Younger and Bob Guiney answered some of your questions about men, including their fashion sense, their mothers, approach a guy or wait and much more.


Question: Why when you ask me out on a date, I have to plan said date?

Answers: That is me being very considerate of you. I am going to do what you want to do as opposed of doing what I want to do. Guys do not want to be wrong. We took enough of a chance in asking you out and hoping you did not say no, so let’s not mess this up any more. I will eat anything, anywhere and women tend to have a more particular diet, so they may eat only a certain type of food and we go with that.

Guys Tell All: Walking A Mile In Front Of Women

Question: Why do men walk like a mile in front of you instead of right beside you?


Answers: That guy might be trying to get away from you and you better pick up the pace. We got places to go and we want to get it done. Honestly, we do the same thing with our children. Women walk with their kids and are like come on and guys just keep going. I’m texting my other girlfriend and don’t want you to see it.

Guys Tell All: Comparing You To Their Mothers

Question: Why do men compare the women in their lives to their mothers?

Answers: They are the first woman we ever meet. Even when you’re not trying to, there are things about your mother you find in your wife. There are so many things about my mother I see in my wife. Your mother is your first love of a woman, so you are always comparing and asking do you do things like her that are good or do you do things like her that are bad.

Guys Tell All: Interested In Friend

Question: What if a guy asks you out, but you’re actually interested in his friend?

Answers: It works on who the friend is. A girl bought me drinks all night and got me drunk to try and get my friends number from me. For the women, don’t go for the guy you don’t want, especially if he’s going to be hanging around the guy that you do want all the time.

Guys Tell All: Men Left Home In Charge

Question: The girls are on vacation and we left you home in charge. Why do you have to have us micro-manage the situation by texting and calling us on what to do when we are on vacation?

Answers: I’m glad when my wife leaves and I am alone with my son, because now we are going to do some things my way. Tell him now is your chance to do things your way and leave me alone. It should make you feel good because he likes to be told what to do and he listens to you.

Guys Tell All: Should Girls Approach A Guy

Question: Should I ever approach a guy or wait for him to approach me?

Answers: Approach for sure!

Guys Tell All: Fashion Sense

Question: Where do most men get their fashion sense from?

Answers: It comes from your father, more than likely. I kind of got an appreciation for what he liked. I think you get it from your friends and you are who you associate with. I think you get it from the women in your lives. I had a woman tell me you need to be more fashionable and it worked.


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