Frank Fontana Design Secrets: Shipping Palette Art & Cork Coaster


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Making Something Out Of Nothing

For those odds and ends around your house that you can’t throw out, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are joined in the studio by Frank Fontana, author of Frank Fontana’s Dirty Little Secrets of Design, who shared tips to putting those things to actual good use, like shipping palette art, cork drink coasters and more.

Frank Fontana: Shipping Palette Art

Frank Fontana Design Secrets: Shipping Palette Art & Cork Drink Coaster

Designer & author Frank Fontana shared creative design secrets on making shipping palette art, cork drink coasters and much more.


Frank Fontana suggested doing Shipping Palette Art. He took a shipping palette and turned it into an American flag design and put stencils on it to show American pride for the Olympics.

Design Secrets: Cork Drink Coasters

Frank Fontana suggested making Cork Drink Coasters. He found some picture frames that are 3×5 and took some contact cement and poured it in. He placed the corks in the frame and all done. The wine glass sits on the lip of the frame, so the glass won’t tip over.

Frank Fontana: Liquor Box Planter

For those old liquor boxes, Frank Fontana suggested a Liquor Box Planter. He got some decorative white sand and filled the box. He then took some fake flowers and placed them in there. On the inside cover of the box, he printed off the type of flower it is and how to take care of it to add design.


Today’s Home: Cigar Box Lamp

Frank Fontana suggested a Cigar Box Lamp. He ran some wire through the box and attached a bulb on top of it and it works. He said what guy wouldn’t want that.

Frank Fontana: Book Flower Stand

Frank Fontana suggested a Book Flower Stand. He said to take an old hardcover book and drill some holes in it. Take a tube and put it in the hole. Organize flowers into the tubes and a great way to decorate.


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