Developing Your Brand: Use Social Media, Piggybacking & Sponsorships


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Tips To Developing Your Brand

Have you ever seen reality stars like Kim Kardashian and Bethenny Frankel and asked yourself, how did they get so rich and famous? They built an image and a brand and you can too. Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Nikki Beland, Executive Editor at Cosmopolitan Magazine, who shared her five-step plan to help you start raking in the cash.

Brand Development: Find The Thing You Are Passionate About

Developing Your Brand: Use Social Media, Piggybacking & Sponsorships

Kathie Lee & Hoda were joined by Nikki Beland, who shared her five-step plan to help you to developing your brand, including use social media & piggybacking


Nikki said you probably already have the thing that you love doing and maybe it is shopping for shoes. She said you want to start thinking specific and of your brand. You don’t want to be one of a million shoe bloggers out there, so you need to get specific like maybe finding sexy size nine shoes. Be specific and make sure you are solving a problem. Are there other people out there that want the same thing?

Developing Your Brand: Be The Master Of Your Domain

She said you need a place to send everyone, so you need a website. She said you need a name and all of the good names are already taken, so a good thing to do is use your name and your passion, like Hoda’s Sexy Nine Shoes. Nikki said you also want a fun tagline to go with it, like Big Feet, Big Sexy. She said you are going to want to make sure to use the same keywords over and over again in your writing because then the higher you will come up in a Google search.

Develop Your Brand: How To Use Social Media

She said now you have your home base, so now you need to drive people to it. She said Facebook is a more personal, intimate environment and that is where you want to have conversations with your fans and ask them their opinion. Twitter is just about spreading information and it will bring people back to your site.


Developing Your Brand: How Do You Make Money?

Nikki said if you start building the site and people are coming to your site that want to wear big, sexy shoes than you can get a sponsorship. Maybe Nine West, who has sexy shoes in that size, will want to sponsor you and that is where the money starts coming in.

Developing Your Brand: Piggybacking

She said it is where you use people that are already well-known for doing something like what you want to do and use their fame to build yourself. You will want to comment on their blog or website and leave a link to your blog. You will also want to retweet their tweets, so people associate you with their name. She said you can also invite better known bloggers to do a guest spot on your blog, which they are often flattered to do.


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