Cesar Millan ‘Leader of the Pack’ Review & National Family Pack Walk


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Cesar Millan Interview

Are you walking your dog the right way? Probably not and Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Cesar Millan, star of the new show Leader of the Pack, who shared the correct way to walk your dog for the Second Annual National Family Pack Walk, which takes place on September 29 2012.

Cesar Millan: National Family Pack Walk

Cesar Millan 'Leader of the Pack' Review & National Family Pack Walk

Kathie Lee & Hoda were joined by Cesar Millan, star of Leader of the Pack, who shared right way to walk dog for the Second Annual National Family Pack Walk.


He is headed to Washington to lead the Pack Walk, but it is going to be all over the country. He said they are also raising money for awareness. He said it is about rescuing dogs, but four million animals die every year and one way to stop it is through spade and neutering.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Adopting a Dog

He said to ask yourself if you are ready to adopt a dog. Cesar said if you are emotionally unstable, the dog is going to sense that. Kathie Lee said that Hoda wants to adopt a dog, but no one is more emotionally unstable. He said to make sure the dog is compatible to you. He said to introduce your dog to the environment before bringing him into your house.

Today Show: Walking a Dog

Cesar said when the dog is in front of you, they are controlling the situation. He said you should be in control and you should always be in front of the dog or side-by-side. He said just as a parent with their kids, you have to be a leader who loves them. This is the same principles.


Cesar Millan: Adopt For Your Family

Cesar brought with him a mix between a collie and a Labrador. Cesar said it is perfect for a family and not a very active family. He is very subtle and calm.

Cesar Millan: Adopting Puppies

He said you have to be careful with puppies. People often get so in love with the puppies and they don’t set rules and then the puppy grows up and they think they are destructive. He said to exercise discipline and then affection.


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