Breast Cancer Awareness: James Denton Warriors in Pink Spokesperson


Kathie Lee & Hoda: James Denton Interview

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Ford Warriors in Pink is showing its support by celebrating breast cancer survivors with its Models of Courage Campaign. Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by James Denton, of Desperate Housewives fame and spokesperson for Warriors in Pink, and Natalie Young and Nicole Bills, two breast cancer survivors, to talk about the campaign.

James Denton Warriors in Pink Spokesperson

Breast Cancer Awareness: James Denton Warriors in Pink Spokesperson

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Kathie Lee and Hoda talked to James Denton, the Warriors in Pink spokesperson, and two breast cancer survivors about the campaign.


James said the more you talk about breast cancer, the more you realize how universal it is. He said his wife’s sister was diagnosed in December and they started looking for a 501 that would help with their financial aid because she lost her job and she was in nursing school. The Warriors in Pink does just that. He said they help financially on a short-term basis and help pay your bills while you are in active treatment.

Natalie Young: Breast Cancer Survivor

Natalie said she was 28 years old when she was diagnosed. She said she was actually the healthiest she had been in her life and was exercising and working out. She was 28 and had no family history of it. She noticed the lump and her husband is the one that urged her to go. She had a double mastectomy and she is feeling great today.

Nicole Bills: Afraid To Lose Her Hair

Hoda said the weird thing about breast cancer is that you feel fine. You don’t feel sick, but everyone is looking at you funny, but chemo can make you feel sick. Nicole said that chemo is what made the whole breast cancer experience feel real to her. Not that she was trying to hide it from anyone, but when your hair falls out you can’t hide it anymore. She had long hair and she loved her hair and it was kind of a security blanket for her. She started a blog and she started taking pictures and posting them every week to show she was making progress and it helped tremendously. She learned through this that her hair does not define her, but that she has such a great support system that will love and support her through everything.


Watch the interview and learn more about the campaign here:

James Denton: Talking About Breast Cancer

James said that talking about it is what helped his sister-in-law and that is what is great about this campaign. He said the more you talk about it, people see it as a badge of honor and you are fighting that fight. His mother passed away from breast cancer ten years ago. He said she passed away more because of fear. His grandmother passed away because of bad chemo treatments, so his mother decided if it was cancer she wasn’t going to do anything about it and told no one and it was a matter of people not knowing enough about it.


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