Breaking Up With Your Friends: How To Do It & The Seven-Year Itch


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Breaking Up With Your Friends

We all have those friends that we just seem to grow apart from. When is the proper time to part ways and what is a healthy way to say goodbye? Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Lesley Jane Seymour, Editor-In-Chief at More Magazine and Tiffanie Davis Henry, Relationship Expert, who gave you tips on guiding you through that process, including one-on-one talk vs letting it fade away.

Breaking Up With Friends: The Seven-Year Itch

Breaking Up With Your Friends: How To Do It & The Seven-Year Itch

Lesley Jane Seymour and Tiffanie Davis Henry talked about breaking up with your friends and how to do it the right way, including letting it fade away.


Lesley said that studies show we break up with our friends every seven years, so we have the seven-year itch with friends as well. She said there is a cycle to friendships, just like a relationship.

Breaking Up With Friends: Personal Growth

Tiffanie said it is absolutely personal growth. She said we evolve as human beings and the person you were at 20 is certainly not the person you are at 50. If you are going to evolve as a person, your friendship should evolve with you.

Breaking Up With Friends: That Friend You Drag Along

Hoda said we all have that friend who we kind of keep along the way, but they start to annoy you more and more and eventually you just have had it. Lesley said you outgrow them. It depends on the relationship you have with the friend. She said she tends to be the psychiatrist for a lot of her friends and they never go out of therapy and she has to let the patient go.


Breaking Up With Friends: Were They Ever Your Friend To Begin With?

Kathie Lee asked if they were ever your friend to begin with if now they are going off in another direction. Tiffanie said yes and that people change and you are not always going to remain the same person and you shouldn’t expect that other people will too. Sometimes you grow together and you grow apart and that is okay.

Breaking Up With Friends: Proper Way To Do It

Hoda said you have those friends that kind of drift away over time. Tiffanie calls them her catch-up friends and you can talk once a year and start right where you left off. She said you don’t have to reinvent that relationship, but you just reminisce and it was great while it lasted.

Breaking Up With Friends: One-on-One Talk Vs Letting It Fade Away

Lesley said it depends on how deep that relationship is and if it is a really long friendship and someone you care about. You have to handle it in a very sophisticated way. Tiffanie said you have to be honest and not say it’s me, not you and sometimes it is you.

Breaking Up With Friends: Should You Save It?

Lesley said she thinks you know inside whether that person has evolved along the lines of something you are going to be interested in in the future. The real important thing is to be able to let things go and know it is not a failure on your part.


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