Blake Shelton: ‘Cheers, It’s Christmas’ Review & ‘The Voice’ Season 3


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Blake Shelton Interview

Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton return on September 10 2012 with the hit NBC show The Voice for season 3. Kathie Lee and Hoda were joined by Blake Shelton to talk about the big season three premiere and his new Christmas album, Cheers, It’s Christmas.

Blake Shelton: Wife Miranda Lambert

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Blake Shelton Cheers It's Christmas Review

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb were joined by Blake Shelton to talk about 'The Voice' season three premiere and his new album, 'Cheers, It's Christmas.' (Joe Seer /


Blake said she just flew back to Nashville. She was at the Canadian Country Music Awards last night. She is back in Nashville now and is going to DVR the premiere of The Voice and they will watch it together tonight when he gets back. He said he seriously does not remember what in the hell has happened.

Blake Shelton: The Voice Review

He said they filmed the stuff that will air for the first eight weeks back in June. He said like the blind auditions, battles and crap like that. It’s a hit, who cares (laughs). Blake said this season there are 16 artists per coach.

The first season it was eight, then 12 last season and now 16. He said in the battle rounds, the coaches can steal artists from other coaches’ teams. That person who loses in the battle rounds, the coaches can hit their button and still save them.


He said he hates how they have seasons back to back because he wants to get back out on the road and tour. That is still his real job. He loves being a part of The Voice but eventually he has to get back to what he loves.

Blake Shelton: Michael Buble on The Voice

Michael Buble is working with Blake’s team this season on The Voice. Blake said he is his favorite concert he has ever been to. He said he is a good looking guy. They have worked together in the past for a David Foster special and he is on his Christmas album. Blake said there are a lot of reasons he uses him for his mentor this season.

Blake Shelton: Cheers, It’s Christmas Review

Kathie Lee mentioned Blake has a new Christmas album. He said it comes out October 2 2012 and they are desperate for something to sell.


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