Barry Manilow 15 Minutes Review & Barry Manilow Live on Broadway


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Barry Manilow Performance

For nearly 40 years, Barry Manilow has been a mainstay on the Billboard Charts with 49 Top 40 hits and 80 million records sold. He also has a mantle full of Tony, Grammy and Emmy Awards as well. There is no slowing down this living legend and his new album is titled 15 Minutes. Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with Barry Manilow about his album and his successful career.

Barry Manilow 15 Minutes Review

Barry Manilow 15 Minutes Review & Barry Manilow Live on Broadway

Barry Manilow discussed his album 15 Minutes and announced the Barry Manilow Live on Broadway show in January 2013.


Kathie Lee said the album is all about fame and getting it, enjoying it and then losing it. Barry said he has done three American Idol shows and he looks at these young singers who suddenly have become household names and how do they handle that. He said even though he was an adult when “Mandy” hit, it still knocked him over and he wasn’t expecting it.

He said he loved doing the new album and this album is a more up-tempo, rock and roll feel to it and more than he has ever done before and that is a big challenge for him. Kathie Lee said it is and she was surprised.

Barry Manilow: Fanilows

Hoda wanted to know how the Fanilows feel about the new album and new songs. He said they are ecstatic about it and you can read about it on iTunes and Amazon. Barry said he is so grateful because the album is kind of different for him.


Barry Manilow on Fame

Kathie Lee said he has said that when fame first happened to him that he became a person he didn’t like anymore. Barry said everyone goes through this and you turn into a brat for a little while and it is all fear and everything changes over night for you and people are treating you different, so everyone turns into a brat.

Barry Manilow Live on Broadway

Barry said they have been trying to make plans for next year and he has been playing some arenas and wonderful places and dates and he got to New York and he thought it would be great to play a Broadway Theater. His advisors told him not to do it, but he said the idea of playing a Broadway Theater is huge to him. He will be playing at the St. James Theater starting January 23 2013 and will be playing until they stop coming.

Check out the ladies talking to Barry Manilow:

Barry Manilow: “Everything Is Going To Be Alright” Performance

Barry performed his single “Everything Is Going To Be Alright” for the ladies. He said he loves the title of the song and it is very uplifting.


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