Regular Vs Light Beer Calories & Peanuts Vs Cracker Jacks: Ballpark Food


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Ballpark Foods

With baseball season in full swing and with that comes ballpark food, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb bring in Madelyn Fernstrom, Today Show‘s Diet and Nutrition Editor, to give you The Scoop on ballpark foods. Also joining the ladies in the studio are iVillage Hot Dads Contest finalists Mark Hatfield, David George, Khrisner Williams and Todd Hulst. Learn the truth about Regular Vs Light Beer Calories and even the ballpark classic Peanuts Vs Cracker Jacks calories.

Ballpark Food: Soft Pretzel Calories

Madelyn Fernstrom asks the teams, do one of ballparks biggest sellers, soft pretzels, have more or less than 400 calories? Shockingly, soft pretzels have more than 400 calories. Each soft pretzels has 500 calories.


Ballpark Food: Peanuts Vs Cracker Jacks Calories

Kathie Lee & Hoda discuss ballpark foods with Madelyn Fernstrom, Today Show Diet and Nutrition expert, and announce the Hot Dad's winner.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discussed ballpark food with Madelyn Fernstrom, including regular vs light beer calories.

Madelyn Fernstrom tests the ladies and guys on peanuts and cracker jacks. With six ounces of each, which one has more calories? Another shocking answer, but peanuts have more calories in six ounces than Cracker Jacks.

Ballpark Food: Peanuts Vs Shredded Cheese Fat

Madelyn Fernstrom says that nuts are loaded with hard, healthy fat, but how much fat is in this bowl of nuts? To compare it to shredded cheese, the amount of fat in the bowl of nuts is equivalent to one, two or three cups of shredded cheese? The correct answer is actually three cups of shredded cheese has the same amount of fat as the nuts.


Ballpark Food: Chili Cheese Dog Review

Madelyn Fernstrom brings out a footlong chili cheese dog for the next question. She asks, how far would you have to walk to walk off the foot-long chili cheese dog? Get on your walking shoes, because you need to walk nine miles to walk off that foot-long chili cheese dog!

Ballpark Food: Nachos Vs Personal Pan Pizza Calories

Madelyn Fernstrom brings out nachos and a  personal pan pizza. She states one of them has 500 calories and one of them has more than 500 calories and asks which one has more. Another shocker, as Madelyn confirms that nachos have more calories than the personal pan pizza.

Ballpark Food: Regular Vs Light Beer Calories

Madelyn Fernstrom says that most 12 oz bottles of regular beer have 150 calories. Madelyn asks, if you choose a typical light beer, how many calories are you saving? By choosing a light beer over a regular beer, you are saving 50 calories per 12 oz. bottle.

Ballpark Food: Soda Vs Lemonade Vs Smoothie Calories

For non-alcoholic drinks, Madelyn Fernstrom brings in 16 oz cola, lemonade and a smoothie. She asks, which one has the  fewest calories? To the surprise of Kathie Lee and her teammates, the cola has the fewest calories of those three.

David George: iVillage Hot Dads Contest Winner

Kathie Lee and Hoda welcome Liz Zack, the Editorial Director of Pregnancy and Parenting at iVillage. She is here to announce the winner of the iVillage’s Hot Dad’ Contest, who are not only hot guys, but happen to be great guys.

The winner of the 2012 iVillage’s Hot Dads Contest and winner of an all-expense paid trip for four on a Royal Caribbean Cruise is David George from Dayton, Ohio.


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