Molli Serrano Pancreatic Cancer & Everyone Has A Story Winner


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Everyone Has A Story Contest Winner

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb announced the winner of this month’s Everyone Has A Story contest on The Today Show on July 9 2012 and today she joined them in the studio. This month’s winner is Molli Serrano, a 38-year-old from Delray Beach, Florida.

Molli Serrano: Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

Kathie Lee & Hoda are joined by Molli Serrano, winner of the Everyone Has A Story Contest, as she tells her story with pancreatic cancer.

Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb are joined by Molli Serrano, winner of the Everyone Has A Story Contest, as she tells her story with pancreatic cancer, her diagnosis and much more.


Cara Marceski, a friend of Molli Serrano, wrote the letter to Kathie Lee and Hoda describing Molli’s story. Molli is a mother of 8-year-old twins and a phenomenal triathlete.

In 2011, Molli was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Her odds were 20% for making it through the first year and only a 6% chance of making it five years. After her diagnosis, Molli redirected her focus from Iron Man training to the fight for her life.

On June 28 2011, Molli underwent a very invasive surgical procedure which removed a large part of her pancreas, a large part of her stomach, a large part of her intestine, her gall bladder and numerous parts of her digestive system.


The recovery was extremely difficult, but Molli astonished her doctors with her recovery. Two weeks to the day from her surgery, she was back on her bike. “Let’s hit this cancer with everything you got. I can handle it.” was her motto. Throughout the process, Molli maintained her bike regimen. The back pockets of her biking uniform held her chemo pump and she often showed up for radiation in her bike kit. Today, she is cancer free and back to her training, stronger than ever.

Molli Serrano: Lucky To Catch It When She Did

Kathie Lee said to look at Molli, they can’t believe she’s had this kind of year. Molli said she was lucky and fortunate to catch it when she did. Molli Serrano was having some stomach pain for some time and it started radiating to her back, but she was training for the Iron Man, so she assumed it was because of that. She felt ok though. Her friend insisted on her getting an MRI. She had pancreatitis at one time. Molli got the MRI and they found the tumor.

Molli Serrano: Inspirational Throughout It All

Nikki Serrano, Molli’s sister, and Cara Marceski, Molli’s friend, joined Kathie Lee and Hoda in the studio. Nikki said they were amazed. She said you would think they were the ones having to lift her up, but every time they saw her she would lift them up. She was so inspirational and so strong. Cara said Molli makes her want to be a better person.


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