Kathie Lee & Hoda: Woman Hasn’t Cut Hair in 20 Years, Gets Makeover


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Woman Gets Makeover After Not Cutting Hair For 20 Years

Kathie Lee and Hoda brought on celebrity stylist Louis Licari and Today Show contributor Jill Martin to find two women in the Today Show plaza that needed a makeover. Although the plaza was pretty cold this morning, there were still some brave souls to choose from.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Woman Hasn't Cut Hair in 20 Years, Gets Makeover

Kathie Lee and Hoda gave a makeover to a woman who hasn’t cut her hair in over 20 years and another makeover to a woman on a family vacation.


Alice, from Maine, was the first woman picked for the makeover. She told Kathie Lee and Hoda she was excited for the makeover because she hasn’t cut her hair in over 20 years because her last haircut was so awful it traumatized her. She said she watches the show every day and she was ready for a new look. She also told them she was most looking forward to surprising her husband after the makeover.

When they brought her out for the big reveal, Licari said he chopped off most of her hair and put some nice brown colors in her hair. Jill Martin paired the new haircut and makeup with a dress from Maggie London, a dress Alice said she didn’t like at all until she put it on.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Plaza Ambush Makeover

The second woman to be picked for the makeover was Kathie from Florida. She told Kathie Lee and Hoda she is on vacation with her family and they had stopped by to see the Today Show. She couldn’t believe she was actually picked, but her children said they could believe it because she is such a hardworking person and she deserved some pampering.


When she came on stage after her makeover, no one could believe the transformation. Her husband and children looked a little shocked when they saw but they were all smiles.

Licari said he kept the auburn tone in Kathie’s hair, admitting that he loves a beautiful red color in hair. As for the clothes, Martin said she spent under a hundred dollars on the Vera Wang dress, some Kohl’s earrings and some new shoes.


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