Today Show: Does Sunscreen Expire? Best SPF For Cancer Prevention


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Sunscreen Antioxidants

With the summer sun heating up, Women’s Health Magazine health director Sascha de Gersdoff stopped by Today to teach Kathie Lee and Hoda a little bit about sunscreen. Myths about sunscreen run rampant so Sascha gave us the down low about what you need to know to stay safe from the sun. Does sunscreen expire? Is it waterproof?

Today Show: Does Sunscreen Expire? Best SPF For Cancer Prevention

A new FDA rule states that no sunscreen or sunblock is fully waterproof, so make sure to reapply after time spent in the water.


Sascha said that for a sunscreen to be effective, it needs to contain antioxidants. She said that the antioxidants provide an extra layer of protection, so look for a sunscreen that has green tea or Vitamin C listed as ingredients.

Today Show: UV-Protective Clothing Review

A new trend in sun protection is UV-protective clothing. Sascha said that this clothing is not as good as sunscreen. She said that it’s a great way to help block your skin from the sun, but you need to wear sunscreen no matter what.

Is Sunscreen Waterproof Vs Water-Resistant?

“Sunscreen and sunblock are never fully waterproof,” Sascha said. A new rule from the FDA states that no sunscreen or sunblock can claim to be waterproof, only water resistant. So be on the lookout for these false claims and make sure you reapply your sunscreen or sunblock after time in the water.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Does Sunscreen Expire?

Sascha discussed using expired sunscreen and said that it’s sometimes better than nothing, but you want to keep your sunscreen fresh. She said that sunscreen breaks down over time, so it’s not fully effective unless it’s not expired.

Best SPF For Cancer Prevention

When talking about SPF, Sascha said that anything under SPF 15 is ineffective in preventing skin cancer. “SPF 15 protects from burning, but does not protect against the UV rays that cause skin cancer,” Sascha said.

She recommended using an SPF 30 or above to protect yourself from those cancer causing UV rays. She also said that only one heavy coat of sunscreen does not provide enough protection from the sun, so make sure to keep lathering that sunscreen onto your skin for full protection!


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