KLG & Hoda: Mountain Scout Survival School & Foods That Protect Health


The Mountain Scout Survival School: Building Shelter & Getting Water

KLG & Hoda: Mountain Scout Survival School & Foods That Protect Health

Kathie Lee & Hoda sent Sara to the Mountain Scout Survival School where she learned how to collect water, build shelter, and make a fire.

The Mountain Scout Survival School in upstate New York prepared Kathie Lee and Hoda’s guinea pig Sara for whatever could come your way in the wilderness. Whether you are camping with the family or taking a Saturday hikethese skills could save you. Literally.


First things first, shelter. A debris hut is so small that you shouldn’t be able to sit up in it. The shelter looks like you just pile rocks on top of yourself and then camouflage with some leaves. Simple enough. If you want water, that will take you slightly longer. Dig a hole in the ground and cut a water bottle in half horizontally. Drinking top should go in the ground and then cover this with a plastic bag. The water will evaporate and go into the cup.

You could always collect rain water, if the timing is right. Take three stick and some bandannas to make a teepee. Then, string a piece of plastic or something to catch the water in the center.

Kathie Lee & Hoda Survival Skills: Building a Fire & Finding Food

Next on the survival list is fire. You have to rub two sticks together and then stick the hot coal they produce into some kindling. Blowing on this will produce a lot of smoke, a natural bug repellent, and eventually fire will erupt.


Finally, survival grub. The Mountain Scout Survival School likes a plant called Soldier’s Foot. It’s bitter and hearty greens. Or, you could always just never leave home without a big back of marshmallows.

Today Show: Best Foods to Protect Your Health Pop Quiz

Kathie Lee and Hoda were handcuffed together to go through a rigorous pop quiz about healthy foods. Here’s what they learned.

  • Curry is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can reduce your risk of arthritis. 
  • Oats, almonds, tofu, and okra are all good at preventing high cholesterol. 
  • Replacing white rice with whole grain can reduce your diabetes by 34%. 
  • Vitamin D is lower in overweight people because it’s stored in fat and doesn’t go into the blood stream. 
  • Alcohol consumption increases the risk of breast cancer.
  • Oysters, eggs, carrots, salmon, spinach and avocados are all good for your eyes.
  • Pinot Noir is the best red wine for heart health because it’s harder to grow and they have the most nutrients.


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