Today Show: Joy’s Weight Loss Challenge Review


Joy’s Weight Loss Challenge Shopping Tips

Joy joined Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show to continue the “Joy’s Weight Loss Challenge” program.  How much weight have you lost so far?  Leave a message in the comment section below!  Joy gave a great supermarket shopping list to help us make sure that we are making the healthiest decisions when we go grocery shopping.  See how well you do on this quiz:

What is the Lowest Calorie Nut?

Joy said that the pistachio nut is the lowest calorie nut around.


Joy's Weight Loss Challenge Review

Joy's Weight Loss Challenge Review

Each nut has only 3 calories, so you can eat 10 without worrying about ruining your diet!

Which Vegetable has the Most Fiber Per Cup?

Joy told Kathie Lee and Hoda that Artichoke Hearts have the most fiber of all vegetables.  You get 14 grams of fiber in just one cup.  And why does this matter?  Because fiber is great for you, keeps you “regular” (if you know what I mean!), and fills you up.


Which Fruit has the Most Fiber Per Cup?

Raspberries have the most fiber of all fruit, coming in at 8 grams of fiber per cup.  Now if we could only find reasonably priced raspberries all ear long on the East Coast!  The frozen raspberries are one way to go.

Which Full-Fat Cheese has the Least Calories?

Joy told Kathie Lee and Hoda that Parmesan Cheese has the fewest calories of all full-fat cheeses.  And lets be honest, full-fat cheese is worlds better than the low-fat alternatives.

Which Topping Turns Fruit Into a Decadent Dessert?

Whipped Cream!  One big squirt has 15 calories, and who doesn’t love a bowl of fruit with a big dollop of whipped cream on top?!?!


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