Kathie Lee & Hoda: Outdoor Gardening Advice & Joy’s Weight Loss Finale


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Spring Gardening Advice

Spring has officially started and although it might not be warm enough where you are to start planting and working on your garden, it is a good time to start planning your garden. To get some great advice about outdoor gardening, Hoda and Anthony Anderson invited Chris Lambton, host of HGTV’s Going Yard, on the show to give them pointers. Anderson said he really needs some since he recently started his own garden in a community garden in his neighborhood.

Lambton said for most of the US it is too cold to start planting gardens outside but he said it is a great time to make a raised planter so it is ready to go when it gets warmer outside. Lambton said a raised planter is great because it allows you to give your plants the best kind of soil instead of using the soil in the ground which could be hard or without nutrients. To make a raised planter simply screw boards into the shape of a box, however big you want it, with the box being about 12 inches tall.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Outdoor Gardening Advice & Joy's Weight Loss Finale

Hoda and Anthony Anderson got some advice for outdoor gardening and the final reveal for the women participating in Joy’s Weight Loss Challenge.

Now for the planting. Lambton said when you do starting planting in your garden, think about growing some vegetables alongside your flowers. He suggested growing lettuce because it is easy to grow. His only other advice for the garden is make sure the raised planter is in an area that gets plenty of sun, make sure the plants are not planted too close together and do not plant the plants too low in the soil or they will suffocate.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Joy’s Fitness Challenge Finale

Today makes the end of Joy’s Fitness Challenge and all the women involved have lost a lot of weight. Keep reading to find out how much each woman lost and what all six of the women get for losing so much weight.

  • Yelena – Went from 145 pounds to 125 pounds.
  • Jessica – Went from 206 pounds to 188 pounds.
  • Mindy – Went from 190 pounds to 172 pounds.
  • Kathy – Went from 168 pounds to 149 pounds and she did it with a broken leg half the time. Eating healthy really does work.
  • Zakiya – Went from 235 pounds to 216 pounds.
  • Hiede – Went from 182 pounds to 153 pounds.

In the end the women lost a combined total of 131 pounds. And since the challenge ended in a tie with both of the teams winning the same number of challenges throughout the last few weeks, everyone is getting a two night stay at the Canyon Ranch Wellness Center in Lenox, Massachusetts.


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