Kathie Lee & Hoda Joy Fit Club: Candice Williams Loses 280 Pounds


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Joy Fit Club Member Candice Williams

Candice Williams, 27, has been struggling with her weight all her life. When she was in school she weighed around 460 pounds. She was the butt of every joke at school, she was bullied about her weight and she said she felt like an outsider her entire life. She said what was holding her back from losing weight when she was younger was her inability to separate hunger from her emotions. In 2009, Candice was told to get a physical for a new job she was getting. When she went to step on the scale in the doctor’s office, she was too heavy for the scale to read. It sent her into a depression. She said she went home that day and ate until she couldn’t eat any longer. She knew she needed to do something about her weight.

Kathie Lee & Hoda Joy Fit Club: Candice Williams Losses 280 Pounds

Kathie Lee and Hoda talked with the newest member of the Joy Fit Club, Candice Williams, who lost 280 pounds in a little over three years.


Although she had failed using Weight Watchers before, she was determined for it to work this time. She got on the program and lost 100 pounds simply by eating healthier. After she lost the first hundred pounds, she began exercising as well and within three years of staring the program, she had lost 280 pounds.

While Candice said it was overwhelming at the time, trying to lose weight while attending school full time and taking care of her sick mother and sister, Candice said her hard work paid off. She was able to stop being overwhelmed with the weight loss by setting small goals for herself every day. Candice said her new goal in life is to climb the highest mountain in every state. She already knocked three states off her list.

Kathie Lee & Hoda: Candice Williams Substitutes Fish Sticks For Low Calorie Fish

Candice said some of her favorite foods to eat before were fish sticks and french fries, a dinner that would have around 840 calories. She cut back on those calories by eating vegetables and baking low-calorie fish in the oven. This allowed her to bring her calorie intake down to 240 calories.


Kathie Lee & Hoda: Fan Of the Week Allison Emsurak

Allison Emsurak is the Kathie Lee and Hoda Fan of the Week. This stay at home mother of two said she is a Today Show fanatic along with her two small children. She said her favorite segment on the show is Joy Fit Club, which inspired her to sign up to run a half marathon.

Emsurak won a trip for two to the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego where she is going to be staying for four nights enjoying all the amenities of the hotel while the Hard Rock foots the bill.


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