Joy’s Diet SOS: Cardio Vs Weight Lifting & Vegan Diet Nutrients


Today: Joy’s Diet SOS: Cardio Vs Weight Lifting

You’ve heard all the diets that say they can help you lose weight. But what if you’re trying to gain weight? Nutritionist Joy Bauer shared answers to viewers’ diet dilemmas, including vegan diets, Cardio Vs Weight Lifting and the healthy ways to put on weight, in her Joy’s Diet SOS segment.

Viewers Darcy and Allie asked a question via Skype. Darcy asked, “What’s the most ideal cardio to weight lifting ratio plan to be bikini ready for the summer?”


Joy Bauer shared her Bikini Boot Camp protocol. She recommended five days of cardio, with 30-60 minute sessions. Pair that with three days of strength training per week, working your muscle groups and spreading the sessions throughout your week.

Joy's Diet SOS: Cardio Vs Weight Lifting

Getting in shape for summer? Learn how to balance Cardio Vs Weight Lifting to build your beach body.

“The strength training is going to cut and tone and define your muscles, and the cardio is going to burn that layer of fat right underneath the skin, and you are going to look fab by July 4th weekend,” Joy said.


Joy’s Diet SOS: Healthy Vegan Diet Nutrients

Mickie from Katy, Texas, asked for advice about her daughter, who has recently taken on a vegan diet. Mickie wondered whether the limited diet would be sustainable for her daughter’s long term health.

Joy explained that someone on a Vegan Diet consumes no animal products. “Although there’s a steep learning curve, once you get the hang of it it, it becomes very manageable, and it’s incredibly healthy, because she’s going to be showering her body with nutrient-rich plant based foods,” Joy said.

There are some nutrients it’s important for Vegan dieters to pay attention to.

  • Proteins – Lentils, Beans, Nuts, Seeds, Soy
  • Calcium – Soy Milk, Almond Milk, Kale, Broccoli, Tofu, Almonds
  • Vitamin B12 – Supplement or Fortified Foods

“Don’t be nervous, because a vegan diet is incredibly healthy,” Joy said.

Joy’s Diet SOS: Healthy Weight Gain

Eva from Illinois asked about how to gain weight in a healthy way, instead of via fast food. Joy pointed out that it can be as hard for some people to put on pounds as it is for others to lose them.

Joy suggested drinking a high calorie beverage, such as fruit juice or low fat milk, with each meal. You can also try a nutritional beverage like Ensure or Boost. She should also incorporate a high calorie snack into her daily routine, such as trail mix, granola, dark chocolate, or healthy chips and guacamole.

Pain Relievers Prevent Skin Cancer: Today’s Headlines

Here are some of the headlines making news today.

  • Heavy rains are expected around the country this week.
  • A plane’s emergency landing is believed to have dropped debris on cars below in Toronto, Canada. No injuries were reported.
  • A Denmark study suggests that routine doses of pain relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofen could lower the risk of some types of skin cancer by nearly 15%.
  • A family’s small plane crashed into an Idaho mountain, but the three members were able to get help by calling 911 on their cell phones. The Brown family said that the cell signal gave them hope for survival, despite the 15 hours it took rescuers to reach them in snowy conditions.
  • Elvis Presley’s crypt, in which he was originally buried before being relocated to Graceland, is set to go up for auction soon, with a starting bid of $100,000.
  • A lazy polar bear’s romp in his seaweed bed is a popular viral video.


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