Today: Jill’s Fun Camping Finds & Kids Product Reviews


Jill’s Fun Finds: Camping Edition

Jill Martin is always finding the greatest gadgets and trinkets that will keep kids happy no matter where your summer travel plans will take you. The products she featured today are all about camping, the time honored summer pastime that has families exploring the great outdoors. But you won’t find survival gear among Jill’s Fun Camping Finds. Instead, she’s got the greatest gear to explore nature in style.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Swag Stamp Flip Flops Review

“You buy Flip Flops,, and then you can buy different magnets to go in each one,” Jill said, pointing out names, campers, and the opportunity to customize your own order, starting around $38.


Today Show: Jill's Fun Camping Finds

Whether the family's pitching a tent or you're sending the kids off to summer camp, get prepared with Jill's Fun Camping Finds.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Ettika Friendship Bracelets Review

You don’t have to know how to weave these by hand anymore. Ettika makes classic Friendship Bracelets in a variety of colors and styles, between $20 and $85 at

Jill suggested layering them, or giving them to a child as they go off to summer camp to make fast friends.


Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Gumdrop Loves You Necklaces

Necklaces at start at $40. They’re reversible, so you can flip between messages like Sweetie and Trouble, making these fun and flexible.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Gap Sunglasses Review & AE Foldable Sunglasses Review

Gap Sunglasses come in various colors and styles, and they’re less than $10 per pair. For about the same price at, you can get Foldable Sunglasses that are easy to throw in your duffel bag without worrying that they’ll break.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Twistband Hair Accessories Review

If you’re looking for headbands and other throwback Twistband Hair Ties & Accessories, you can get them between $10 and $50 at TwistBand. Various colors and kits come with notes, and your child can learn Cat’s Cradle from their camp bunk.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Gummy Bears Gummy Ear Buds Review & Splitter Review

What’s more fun than scented Gummy Ear Buds? Where do they find these things, and who comes up with them? Starting at $12, offers the aforementioned Gummy Ear Buds, as well as handy splitters for sharing a song with a nwe camp friend.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Graffiti Shirt Review

If you want to personalize your kid’s camp wear, check out the custom Graffiti Shirts from, starting around $12.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Kidecals Review

You can slap a sticker on anything to make it your own. Check out the personalized, custom stickers at, ranging from $17 to $25. They’re waterproof, and this helps keep your stuff separate so it doesn’t get swiped in the bunks.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Pickett’s Press Stationery & Phone Covers Review

Starting at $45, Pickett’s Press custom stationery makes letters home from camp look nice. But no letter home is going to beat “Hello Mother, Hello Father,” the classic camp song.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Hello Kitty Stationery Sets Review

If you’re looking for more affordable stationery or journals for your camp adventures, check out the Hello Kitty Stationery Sets, priced around $13-15.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Glow in the Dark Cards Review

For campers playing poker after dark, $10 Glow in the Dark Cards are a must have. They glow, so you don’t have to worry about the lights out curfew in the cabins.

Jill’s Fun Camping Finds: Butterscotch Blankees Blankets & Pillows Review

Get custom comfy knit blankets and pillows, starting around $56 from


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