Wendy Williams: Tyler James Williams Go On & Sandra Lee 25th Cookbook


Wendy Williams: Tyler Perry’s Peeples & Chloe Melas HollywoodLife.com

On April 29 2013, Wendy Williams is talking to young actor Tyler James Williams (Go On). Chef Sandra Lee is not just known for her delicious frozen foods and baked goods. She tells Wendy’s audience how to fix up easy recipes in no time flat. Also, Chloe Melas from HollywoodLife.com shares the hot topics. Plus, don’t miss Wendy’s work of the day to win a trip to Jamaica.

Wendy Williams: Tyler James Williams Go On & Sandra Lee 25th Cookbook

On April 29 2013, Tyler James Williams tells Wendy Williams about his new movie, Peeples. Then, Chef Sandra Lee shares recipes and tablescapes. Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com


Tyler James Williams: Go On  & Tyler Perry’s Peeples

You might remember Tyler James Williams from his role as a young Chris Rock on Everybody Hates Chris. From there, the young actor went on to have several small roles on True Jackson, VP and House M.D. 

Williams is now a regular on Matthew Perry’s new series Go On. He plays Owen, the youngest member of a grief management group. Owen’s brother is in a coma and he finds a place and family in the support group.  The role has allowed Tyler James Williams to exhibit his comedy skills and his more serious side.

Wendy Williams and Tyler James Williams, no relation, talk about his new role in the upcoming Tyler Perry filmPeeples. Tyler James plays Simon Peeples. His family is on their annual reunion in the Hamptons when his sister’s boyfriend crashes the vacation.


Chef Sandra Lee “Every Dish Delivers” Review & World’s Largest Bake Sale in New York City

After 25 cookbooks, Chef Sandra Lee has the authority on food. She’s sharing some of her recipes from the 25th cookbook in her collection, “Every Dish Delivers.” You can be sure that the book will contain the best recipes and most beautiful tablescapes.

Then, Sandra Lee is sharing what you can expect at the World’s Largest Bake Sale. The event starts May 1 in New York City.

Chloe Melas HollywoodLife.com Breaking News & Celebrity Gossip

Also on Monday April 29, Wendy wants to ease you into the new work week with plenty of hot topics. She’s called in her friend Chole Melas to share the newest gossip from HollywoodLife.com.


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