Wendy Williams: The Show with Vinny Review & Trip to Jamaica Contest


Wendy Williams: Vinny Guadagnino and His Mom

The Jersey Shore’s Vinny (last name Guadagnino but who knew that) and his mother are stopping by Wendy Williams to talk with her about his new show The Show with Vinny on MTV.

Have you seen his new show? It is kind of strange but you have to respect the idea. The show is filmed entirely inside Vinny’s house where his entire family lives, even his hysterical mother. Anyways, Vinny uses his new found fame to get celebrities to go to his house to hang out. Sometimes they do an interview over a dinner prepared by his mother or they sit on the couch and talk, while Vinny’s mother continually interrupts with her own questions.


Wendy Williams: The Show with Vinny Review & Trip to Jamaica Contest

Wendy Williams June 13 2013 talked with Vinny Guadagnino about The Show with Vinny and she is sending one lucky fan on a date with some Guy Candy.

If you want to see a funny episode of it, check out the episode with Kesha. She is one crazy person.

I am sure Wendy Williams will be picking his brain as well. Maybe we will find out how good Snooki is in bed or what kind of romantic life Vinny has now that he is away from the Jersey Shore.


Wendy Williams Sends Fan on Guy Candy Date

One lucky audience member at Wendy Williams is going to have the time of her life this weekend when Wendy sends her out on a date with a hot hunk for her Guy Candy segment.

I always wonder if the guys are fun to go on a date with. I mean he might be really good looking but if you can’t talk with him, what’s the point of going on the date?

Wendy Williams Hot Stuff Giveaway

Wendy Williams has a bunch of stuff to give away and she is giving it all away during her June 13 2013 episode. From beauty products to a trip for two to Jamaica, there are some major prizes up for grabs.


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